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Security brief

To be aware of the security needs of Auroville



Some recommendations
for your security



If we refer ourselves to what Mother has said we may understand that she does not propose to establish a police force resembling to what exists already in the world around. The spirit and therefore the means are different.


The central idea that we have followed during our research to define a so called “plan of action” has been to identify ways and means so that the awareness and responsibility of the Aurovilians themselves will be sustained. We deeply believe that the security of Auroville must remain in totality between the hands of the Aurovilians themselves.


The idea is to organise ourselves in different fields of action. These fields are the following:

·         To constitute responsible working groups who on a daily basis deal with all security problems and monitor all the solutions that have been found to solve them. The working groups created are the Security Board and the Av Security Service, each with their own mandate

·         To create a preventive organisation so that we will give the appropriate message to every one that we are aware of our own security and that we are ready to assume our own responsibilities in this regard. The G4s guards, Volunteers, the installation of check-posts and the use of all communication tools available are part of this process.

·         To build a Security Office run 24/7 by a team of Aurovilians as the main centre of our security organisation.

·         To reinforce our capacity to deal with the police, the judiciary and the political organisation of the state in order to be well informed on what is happening and to be able to face any serious problems that we may encounter with efficiency and competence.




The Security Board has the responsibility to identify the practical security needs of Auroville, work out solutions and implement them. It works essentially at the grass root level and deals with the practical organisation of the Auroville security.

It also has the responsibility to collect information from every side of the community and keep the community informed of the situation. It is the forum where all practical security issues are referred and studied.

For the time being, it has the responsibility to monitor and coordinate the G4s guards, coordinate the volunteers, to organise the installation and working of the check-posts, to organise the Security Office and the Security Desk. It has the responsibility to establish the general budget of Auroville security, to fundraise and to keep clear and transparent accounts.

Finally, as we know that security problems are cyclic the Security Board has the important responsibility to keep alive the sense of responsibility and the awareness.

Current Board members are: Ramesh V. (Police Liason), Shahar Yaari and Anandamayi Legrand.



Preventive Security Force


•  Communication with the community, guests and visitors of Auroville


Communication is one of the first preventative steps we have to take toward the security of our community.  While in many ways Auroville feels small, it's growth in population compiled with the increase of guests and tourists can make direct communications and understandings a challenge.  The Security Board of Auroville will work to improve the communication with the community by:

  • Informing Aurovilians about recent occurrences and how they are being dealt with. 
  • Informing and reminding community members of how they can increase their security.
  • Announcing the offering of certain skills to help an individual feel better prepared such as first aid classes and women's self defence courses.
  • Taking in all individual concerns and trying to find applicable solutions.
  • Information about local thefts, assaults, and threats.
  • Letting our community members know that what they do does make a difference and is appreciated (PR work).
  • Informing our guests of Auroville about ways the can prevent unwanted scenarios.
  • Talking to our guesthouse managers about their participation and responsibility with the guests of our community.
  • Having entrance boards informing those who visit Auroville to do so with respect.

The aspect of communication is evolving and will not stop at these points but will continue to grow and manifest along with the growth of our security system.


•  Day and Night Guard


The main structure consists of several teams of G4s guards patrolling different areas of Auroville, 24 hours/day.  They are supervised by a team of Aurovilians and paid personnel, and are equipped for their job. Their duty is to secure the roads, keep a watch on activities and visitors while providing assistance and security to those who are in need. They are a permanent presence at the service of all the people living in Auroville or visiting Auroville.

One or two are stationed at central points of Auroville checking the traffic, people and presence in the night on the main roads. The other guards patrol the roads of Auroville according to established patrol routes. These teams are properly trained in order to perform their duty. They are equipped for their job. They can provide assistance in terms of information, basic needs, escort, first aid, and restoring peace.

Other teams will consist of Aurovilian volunteers who patrol around with bikes, cycles or on foot. They have to check the roads and the presence of people in Auroville. They can also be present in and around communities of Auroville and provide any assistance that may be needed. Always in touch with the other teams by phone, they can rapidly intervene together anywhere in the community.  


Office for coordination

There is a centralised Security Office wherein people coordinating the overall security of Auroville are operating part time at present and will be operating 24/7 in the near future. This Office is situated in the Service Area of Auroville.

The purpose of this office will be to shelter a 24 hours team looking after security and related issues, who will coordinate the movements of the day guards and night guards, calling and assisting Police if required, calling and assisting doctors, ambulance and hospitals whenever required. The people working will be properly trained.  Their objective will be to act in case of an emergency, to call necessary people, and even to move if necessary to guide emergency team to the spot of occurrence if required.

The office should never remain empty and will be occupied 24/7.

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