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January 2004




When  Study Tour Programs are organized to help fund ongoing research projects in Auroville, you have the choice of joining us for

  • our Regular 14-day Auroville Study Tour program that will explore the efforts of Auroville residents in the transformation of this bioregion.  Through a series of fields trips and presentations our guests learn from the professionals who work in the fields of Auroville ecology, water conservation, applications of alternative technology, rural development strategies and reforestation.   Programme content is framed within the challenging experience of integrating Western technological capability and environmental motives with the depth, sophistication and energy of local Tamil village life and culture.  The focus on development in the Auroville bioregion is expanded to include the temple towns of Mahabalipuram and Tanjore (Thanjavur) to serve as an introduction to the long enduring Tamil civilization. 
  • our Special 3-day Auroville Study Tour Program that has been designed especially for Indian residents (although not exclusively for Indians, anyone can join), focusing on Auroville and Pondicherry, and including field visits, lectures led by professionals in the areas of alternative technology, environmentally-friendly food production practices, culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu.
    more: http://www.auroville-studytours.org/auroville.html



Home > Coming to Auroville > Visiting Auroville > Auroville Study Tour

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