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Upon entry...



Auroville admission policy
August 2012





Auroville admission policy
2010 (French language) (.pdf)
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Dear friends,

You will find on these pages the text of a document concerning the conditions and the modalities for joining Auroville as a resident. We would request that you study these pages attentively. We are aware of the limitations inherent in trying to describe with words what is in fact a living process, unique to each person. Our aspiration is to express as clearly as possible what the community normally expects from people seeking to join, without lessening the vibrancy of the welcoming tone set by the Mother. Our actual experience is that integration usually happens smoothly.

To join Auroville is a gradual process of learning, of confirming one's choice, through time and experience. Please accept Auroville's present state of development: it is far from perfect. Come and get familiar with its actual ways of being, consciously participating and evolving with it.

Above all, what matters most is the spirit. And we believe that the true spirit of Auroville is best expressed through a number of statements, comments or conversations by the Mother , who has her unique way of expressing the inner dimensions of Auroville. We believe that when the spirit is kept, whatever challenges may arise during the period of entry will be harmoniously and positively met.

Welcome to Auroville -


updated August 2012


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