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Living Routes Raises Money for Thane


Matrimandir shortly after Cyclone. (Photo by Giorgio)



~ Living Routes is an accredited college-level programme which annually brings American students for a semester to Auroville, studying its sustainable initiatives, community and spirituality. It is the vision of Living Routes to contribute to the emergence of a new educational paradigm, one that can deepen the process towards sustainable lifestyles and bring forth a self-realization and ecological ethic. ~

We are happy to announce that in response to the devastation Auroville experienced due to Thane, Living Routes USA initiated a fundraising campaign. The Living Routes USA Matching-Fund more than tripled its seed donation of $5,000!  A total of $15,966 was distributed in the following manner:


$8,466    Central Fund/City Services

$5,000    Sadhana Forest

$1,200    Evergreen Community

   $850    Forecomers Community

   $350    Solitude Farm

   $100    International House

Along with a large contribution to the Central Fund, Living Routes decided to support several sites that hosted our students during this time. In particular, the Living Routes 3 week intensive Winter Program at Sadhana Forest had 17 students staying there during Thane.  It was an unforgettable experience for them and those students were instrumental in supporting the Living Routes' fundraising campaign.

Living Routes USA partners with the University of Massachusetts and has run semester and January-term college programs in Auroville for over a decade.  They are truly pleased to be able to give back to Auroville during its recovery from Cyclone Thane. 

Abbey Schoenfeld

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