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January 26th, 2012

Message from the Auroville International Board




Dear Friends,

The board of Auroville International would like to offer its sympathy and support to Auroville on behalf of all the AVI Centres and Liaison Groups worldwide for the damage and distress caused by Cyclone Thane. Members of AVI groups have been supporting Auroville’s progress since the early 1980’s and were shocked by the unprecedented devastation caused by the storm. We have been hearing many stories and have seen many pictures of the destruction, and also have learned of the hard work and mutual assistance given by Aurovilians across the community.
AVI groups across the world have already taken up the challenge and are fundraising to help with the clean-up work, and we offer whatever support we can for the future rebuilding programme.
With best wishes from
Martin Littlewood
Julian Lines
Sonia Dyne
Christian Feuillette
Friederike Mühlhans
Alfonso Galiana
Linda Grace Mosselman
Francine Finck
Devasmita Patnaik
Isa Wagner
Bryan Walton
Robert Aarsse
Jettie Zwaans
Vani Poirier
Mauna van der Vlugt

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