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January 3rd, 2012

Greetings in solidarity from the Tamera community, Portugal




Dear Aurovillians! Dear Marti, dear Martina, dear Ambre, Satprem, Shivaya, Supriya, Manohar ... and all others we got to know from all of our visits in Auroville and your visits in Tamera and other exchanges...!

We heard from the cyclone which hit Auroville and want to send you solidarity, love and light.
Just a few days ago, Mara and Sarah, two core members of Tamera, returned from India where they also visited Auroville for around a week. They told us about their impressions of this oasis which you have built. It was a shock for us to hear about the destruction.
Our first impulse was to spread the news as widely as possible, publish it on our website and then come together in our community to pray for you and to think together what support we can give. We also thought about all the poor people living in this whole area which as hit and who do not have a common identity, community and organization and included them in our prayers. May they receive help as well.
It was the first day of this legendary New Year 2012. In our Sunday matinée we read the text "Beyond 2012" by Dieter Duhm, where the prediction is made:
"A new natural vibration of participation, compassion and readiness to help all fellow creatures will develop. It will be a frequency of unity which will mould the arising consciousness and give human society new foundations. Unity, the holon, is no longer only a philosophical term, but an elementary experience of the human soul."

In this sense the message of Auroville was a deep reminder for this unity. In February 1999 we had a big fire in Tamera. We only had one central building at that time, with everything in it what we owned: our main kitchen and communal dining room, seminar rooms, a small laboratory for energy research, a small sauna and most of our precious art archives, money, computers, clothes: everything burned down to the ground in just a few hours.
Obviously this is not comparable with the extent of the catastrophe in Auroville now on a material level but it was existential for the community at that time. There were two very heart- and belief-strengthening aspects in it for us as well though which we want to pass on to you. (We were happy to hear them also from your response letter to GEN)

1. The existential situation brought the community of Tamera very profoundly together. Like falling back on the basic companionship of building a new culture it brought us back to some of the radical, initial ideas from the beginning of the project and strengthened the courage to really speak up for those ideas. Also we drank tea together, crowded in a small space, dancing with joy that nobody was hurt.

2. The solidarity of other community and research projects around the world that we received touched us deeply. It made a planetary community tangible for us. Being part of this planetary community is most meaningful to us. In our understanding the emergence of a planetary community is a core part of the evolution of consciousness which is so necessary on this planet right now.
So in this case it was not only in theory: the hard blow really brought more good than bad in the end.

May it be the same for you.

One more aspect we want to share with you: We in Tamera were especially moved by the destruction of such huge areas of your beautiful forest - 4 decades of committed ecological healing work. This work has always been an orientation of what healing is possible and on what scale it is possible. All of our coworkers that visited Auroville over the passed years came back with that soul frequency: the Earth can be healed, forests can grow again. Now it seems that this sign of hope has been heavily struck. But one of our ecologist - Christoph Ulbig, who is responsible for reforestation - told us how he has witnessed a similar destruction of a huge and pristine beech tree forest in Germany. He visited the same area ten years later and recognized how this 'destruction' had also a vitalizing impulse for the complex living being forest itself. Not to talk the occurred destruction 'good' but maybe to open the gates for miracles.
When we entered Auroville it was like entering a magic place, an ecological paradise. Hearing what happened now the question comes up how large such aeras need to be to withstand the coming catastrophes. On a global scale we envision large areas of reforestation and restoration that are a protection within themselves for themselves. We pray that your beautiful work will carry such fruits. Also we pray for a expanding field where your impulse for earth healing is picked up and spreads like a wildfire. We work with you on that vision.

That was alot from us now. Please pick the thoughts which you might need most.
We send them to you together with our deep compassion.
Please keep us updated about the developments.
With our best greetings,

Benjamin von Mendelssohn, Christoph Ulbig, Monika Berghoff, Mara and Sarah Vollmer and the whole Tamera community


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