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Cyclone update

January 7th, 2012

Info points from Cyclone
Response team




Dear Friends,

The following are some points of clarification and information, based on questions that have come to the Help Desk and to others involved in relief work.

  1. LRM can be contacted via the Cyclone Help Desk to send their teams for tree-cutting only. At this time they are doing the most urgent work first, mainly for public spaces, including schools.

  2. Arrangements for emergency water supply can be made through Gilles G at 9486144065.

  3. We strongly encourage as much work as possible to be carried out with the help of volunteers. If you would like a group of volunteers to help with clean-up in your community or area, please contact Alok at 9443728734.

  4. It is requested that damage assessments are done for whole communities, rather than just individuals, and that needs are categorized as 'cutting/clearing work', 'water supply repairs/provision', 'housing/shelter', 'security' (includes fence repairs), specifying 'urgent', '2nd priority' and 'low priority'. Please submit requests for repairs to structures directly to the Housing Service and all other estimates/expenditures via the Cyclone Help Desk in the Town Hall or via email cyclonehelp@auroville.org.in, categorizing the needs according to 'Urgent' and 'Low priority'. Damage estimates for Farm and Forest structures should also be submitted directly to the Housing Service with priorities specified.

NOTE: Requests for repairs/funding should only include damage sustained from Cyclone Thane. Please do not include previous needs or renovations.

  1. Fund-raising efforts are being carried out but it is not clear how much will come. Reimbursement of costs will ultimately depend upon the total amount received. Therefore, we ask that reimbursement is only requested for the most urgent situations at this time, until there is more clarity about the amounts coming in. Please remember that for any reimbursements bills/vouchers are needed and photographs are encouraged.

  2. Funding priorities at this time are to restore Electricity, Water, Security (fencing, etc), Access, Shelter for all of Auroville.

  3. Please note that Forest Department Rangers are patrolling the area (primarily the main roads) to help reduce theft of Auroville wood.

There is a huge amount of work to be done and everyone is doing their best to do what they can, so we request all to be patient and understanding with each other while stabilizing and rebuilding efforts are ongoing.

We would like to close this announcement with many heartfelt thanks being extended to all those who have stepped up with good will and energy to do whatever work is needed for our community.

With best wishes to all,

The Auroville Cyclone Response Team


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