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Cyclone update

January 17th, 2012

Post-cyclone situation in the villages





Information from Auroville Village Action Trust indicates that approx 40 - 50 households were affected by roof damage in each village - some were completely destroyed, others partial from fallen trees or tiles blowing away.
Electricity is still not restored in most villages but, as in Auroville, is gradually returning. As the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board’s power supply affects both Auroville and villages through interlinked systems, the villages directly benefitted from the work done by Auroville towards mobilizing resources to get back power. Kottakarai and Kuyilapalayam were the first to receive power supply.

photo by AVAG

Water is being daily delivered to each village by water tankers going from street to street, but is largely insufficient and generators have been used to pump to overhead tanks. As most hand pumps were found to be obsolete, it appears that the Thane experience has motivated the people to consider re-activating hand pumps and also solar lighting. There have been many protests against the government by the people. In some villages, the residents have worked together to help deal with problems related to community infrastructure and collective buildings. Joint development councils, set up between Auroville and Panchayats, regularly exchange information about cyclone damage and help.

The Tamil Nadu State Govt. has allocated Rs. 850 crores and Indian Govt. has allocated Rs. 500 crores to Tamil Nadu for damage compensation, and representatives of the Cyclone Relief Fund have visited the area.  Damage to farm land by the acre, fruit-bearing trees and houses are included in the compensation.

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