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We will here post data and assessments of the damage caused  by Cyclone Thane in the area of Auroville as and when they reach us.


As for now, the following note may give you an idea of the enormous challenge facing us:


Cyclone Thane that hit the Tamil Nadu coast on December 30, 2011 left a trail of devastation as it swept through Auroville.


With heavy rains and wind speeds of up to 135 kmph and tidal waves of up to 1.5 m, Thane uprooted innumerable trees, snapped over 150 electric poles, destroyed most of our windmills, damaged buildings and water supply lines and cut off access to entire communities.


Fortunately, damage to the surrounding villages was much less, and the government organisations as well as Auroville’s rural outreach organisations are in the process of providing relief to the villagers.

In Auroville, even as the residents continue to struggle with limited access to electric power and water, each day fresh reports come in, and we recognize the magnitude of the task that lies ahead of us. 


Embracing the Aurovilian spirit of reflection, pragmatism, and resilience, we are determined to rebuild Auroville in 2012. But for this we ask your help.


Our initial estimate for immediate emergency relief is Rs. 50 million (approximately US $ 1 million), while the funding requirement for long-term rehabilitation is significantly higher. Funding priorities at this time are to restore Electricity, Water, Security (fencing, etc), Access, and Shelter.


Contributions and Expenditures Report

24th March 2012


In the 3 months following the impact of Cyclone Thane, Auroville has received an incredible outpouring of support in many forms from all around the world. We would like to express our deep gratitude for the good will, material/financial contributions and touching personal concerns, thoughts and prayers that have helped us in our efforts towards restoration in and around Auroville.


The following is a general overview of the income and expenditures as of 24th March 2012, based on figures that came through the Auroville Unity Fund:



Description of Income

Amount (Rs.)


Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry



Indian Individuals



Indian Organisations



Auroville International Total


  - AVI Canada

  - 3,97,107

  - Auroville International France

  - 3,57,186

  - Auroville International Germany

  - 23,40,975

  - Auroville International Nederlands

  - 1,19,320

  - Auroville International USA

  - 11,82,712


Foreign Individuals



Foreign Organisations



East West Cultural Center, USA



Stichting De Zaiier, Nederlands



Auroville Individuals



Auroville Units



GOI Plan Grant






Description of Expenditure

Amount (Rs.)


Clearing 50,00,000


Electrical 38,50,000


Housing & Public Buildings 70,00,000


Water 6,10,000


Farms 9,50,000


Security 96,500


Administration 11,500


JCB Purchase 25,00,000


Fencing 3,16,000




Please keep in mind that these figures are dynamic and are changing every day. In addition to the above amounts, many individuals, units and communities have contributed directly towards Cyclone Relief in various ways such as money spent to help a worker repair his/her home, donations from units or individuals to help a specific Aurovilian, or other financial assistance that was not requested from the common Auroville pot. We are still in the process of gathering information about this category of contribution. We trust that the needs and available resources will continue to keep pace with each other, as they have done so far.


Thank you all, wherever you are, for your efforts, patience, understanding and continued support!

With love and gratitude,
Auroville’s Cyclone Response Team



Living Routes Raises Money for Thane


Living Routes is an accredited college-level programme which annually brings American students for a semester to Auroville, studying its sustainable initiatives, community and spirituality. It is the vision of Living Routes to contribute to the emergence of a new educational paradigm, one that can deepen the process towards sustainable lifestyles and bring forth a self-realization and ecological ethic. ~

We are happy to announce that in response to the devastation Auroville experienced due to Thane, Living Routes USA initiated a fundraising campaign. The Living Routes USA Matching-Fund more than tripled its seed donation of $5,000!  A total of $15,966 was distributed in the following manner:

$8,466    Central Fund/City Services

$5,000    Sadhana Forest

$1,200    Evergreen Community

   $850    Forecomers Community

   $350    Solitude Farm

   $100    International House

Along with a large contribution to the Central Fund, Living Routes decided to support several sites that hosted our students during this time. In particular, the Living Routes 3 week intensive Winter Program at Sadhana Forest had 17 students staying there during Thane.  It was an unforgettable experience for them and those students were instrumental in supporting the Living Routes' fundraising campaign.

Living Routes USA partners with the University of Massachusetts and has run semester and January-term college programs in Auroville for over a decade.  They are truly pleased to be able to give back to Auroville during its recovery from Cyclone Thane. 

Abbey Schoenfeld


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