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September 2005

New Business and Global Consciousness




C.I.R.H.U. International Seminar

Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India 2 - 4 September 2005
Center of International Research on Human Unity


The first day was dedicated to presentations by the participants of their experience on a new conscious approach to business.The second day to identify emerging universal trends and the third day to explore concrete actions to be undertaken. This seminar was testing our first experiment on internet live broadcasting by Auroville Web Radio (www.aurovilleradio.org). Aurovilians as well as people from India and around the world were able to ask questions and listen to the answers directly.

The target of this event is to make the participants acquainted with Auroville, allow them to share their experience and consider the possibility of having a second larger seminar in Auroville at a later date.

We hope all this will encourage our next step towards a new economy in Auroville

The organizing team:

Toine, Guy, Luigi, Anandi, Sauro, Pashi


International Seminar on “New Business and Global Consciousness”

Participants Profile


Mr. Marc Luyckx Gishi is a mathematician, philosopher and a linguist, been working for the last 10 years with the Presidents of the European Commission. Presently he is the Director of “Vision 2020” and an Expert for the Information Society Programs of the European Commission in Brussels. He is also a member of Auroville International Advisory Council, India, and Dean of CBA Business Schoo - Zagreb.

Mr. Tachi Kiuchi is currently chairman of The Future 500, E-Square Inc, Intechstra Inc, G.R.I. Forum Japan, Children's Express Japan , and lecturer at Musashi Institute of Technology. He was the first executive from overseas operations to be appointed to the board of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Tokyo and currently serves as a counsellor. Mr. Kiuchi is a strong advocate of creating corporate culture from the best of both Japanese and non-Japanese business practices. By stressing the value of each individual, he urges his managers to combine teamwork, trust and communication to build strong and personal relationships.

Also dedicated to preserving the environment, Mr. Kiuchi is a cofounder and chairman of The Future 500 in the U.S., Japan and China, a group that strives to promote sustainable

industry and sound environmental practices.

In 1992, Mr. Kiuchi received the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Award for promoting greater U.S.-Japan understanding, in 1995, he received the International Citizenship Award from the Japan America Society, and in 2000, Appreciation Award from World Association of Representatives for Descendants was presented to him.

Mr. Kiuchi is the author of " Working in America---A Guide Book for Japanese Businessmen and their Families", " Good Morning, This is Kiuchi Talking," "New Economy---Proposals from the Rainforest ," “ New Advocacy of Learning-- -Road to

Ecological Economy ," and " What We Learned in the Rainforest---Business Lessons from Nature ." Apart from writing books he shares a great passion to run full marathon's, he has ran in 27 marathons around the world.

Mr.Kiuchi was born in Germany, spending his first few years there and in England before relocating to Japan. He earned his B.A. in economics from Keio University in Tokyo, and his M.A. from the University of British Columbia, Canada.


Mr. Subbiah retired in January 2004 after 43 years of work in their family business. He is a third generation member of the Murugappa family. Murugappa group is US $ 1.5 Billion conglomerate with headquarters out of Chennai in India. The group has interests in Sugar, Fertilizers, Bicycles, steel tubes, Roller Chains, Abrasives, Plantations, Sanitary ware, Financial Services and more recently Nutracuticals, Bio Pesticides and Back office Technical editing. Until four years ago he was Chairman of The Murugappa Group. He continued on the board till his retirement. He was President of the Association of Indian Engineering Industries a predecessor to the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) the largest Indian Industry Chamber. He was till recently the Chairman of Family Business Council of CII and coordinated six Family Business Conclaves with the support of Prof. John Ward. He has been an active Chairman of the Workshop of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped and Treasurer of the Madras Crafts Foundation.
Currently he serves as a Trustee of the Family Foundation which operates four schools, four hospitals and a Polytechnic and Research centre for bringing appropriate technologies to the Villages of India. He serves on Boards of SRF Ltd, ICI India Ltd and LMW Ltd. He has been recently elected to the Board of the Family Business Network in Lausanne. He has been recipient of the J.R.D Tata Business Leadership Award in 2002 and the National HRD Award in 1988. The Murugappa family received the Distinguished Family Business Award 2001, from IMD Lausanne. He studied Engineering at the University of Birmingham and got his Diploma in Industrial Administration from the University of Aston U.K. He attended the PMD programme at the Harvard Business School in 1971.


Ms.Tomomi Takada: is currently working in the Research and Networking, of Kobunaki Ecovillage project. She is currently doing her Masters Programme for Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, The Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. She is currently writing her thesis on “ Entrepreneurs as change agents to move communities towards sustainability.” She has received degrees from the University of Tokyo, University of Kolbe, and The University of Sheffield. Mr. Tomomi Takada has assisted in organizing symposiums and seminars in Japan and other parts of the world.


Mr. Sergio Lub - CEO of Jewels Company, founder of ‘Favours' an alternative money system Currently he serves as a Trustee of the Family Foundation which operates four schools, four hospitals and a Polytechnic and Research centre for bringing appropriate technologies to the Villages of India.


Mr. Ravi Chaudhry - is the founder Chairman of CEMEX CONSULTING GROUP, New Delhi, a Business Strategy consulting firm with focus on Success Strategies for India, Global Competitiveness, and Corporate Governance. He has over 35 years' experience in International Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures - including 10 years as CEO of five Tata Group Companies. A Mechanical Engineer with a Doctoral Award in Business Strategy, he is a Consultant to several Global Corporations and Sovereign States on their Strategic Plans for New Markets. His firm offers a complete range of India-specific strategic, legal and financial services. He has developed a "Matrix of Business Options" , enabling meta-national companies to confront Market Realities and evolve cost-effective Business Plans, including growth through niche acquisitions. He has undertaken extensive research on "why companies succeed or fail" in Cross-cultural environments. He specializes in "Partner Synergy in Joint Ventures" and "Business Model Review and Re-alignment", to bridge the gap between "what is" and "what could be". He has grass-roots experience in a wide spectrum of industry sectors. He has advised scores of multinational corporations in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America on their India Business Plans. He is the accredited consultant to Government of Brazil, and "India Representative" and "Consultant, New Global Markets" for Western Switzerland, comprising Cantons of Vaud, Valais, Jura and Neuchatel, with the mandate to assist global corporations to set-up a pan-European operations base in their Region. He has also been a consultant to Governments of Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Canada and Uganda. His other clients include UNIDO, World Bank and international NGOs. He has served on the Boards of several companies as Director and Chairman.


Mr Anant Nadkarni - CEO of Tata Council for Community Initiatives


Mr Manoj Chakravarti - after passing out from Scindia School Gwalior, read Economics at St.Stephen's College, Delhi and finished his post-graduation attending the Delhi School of Economics under distinguished professors Amartya Sen, Jagdish Bhagwati, K N Raj and Joan Robinson. Both these institutions are amongst the most premier academic institutes in the country. Manoj started his career with India Foils Limited - a pioneering packaging company then a part of the TI-Reynolds / British Aluminium group where he worked for 13 years. Work wise, he then migrated to the Middle East to join one of the largest trading organisations there - The Bahwan Group, where again he worked for 13 years in Muscat, Dubai and Saudi Arabia in various capacities including heading the Seiko and Casio divisions and was a part of the geographical expansion team of The Bahwan Group. Manoj joined Titan Industries Ltd., a part of the Tata Group in August 1996 heading Retailing Dept. and moved into heading Corporate Affairs and Europe operations in May 2003. As General Manager Corporate Affairs he also leads the CSR initiatives of the Company.


New Business and Global Consciousness

Concept paper by Mr. Marc Luyckx

The main aim of Auroville, an international city founded in 1968, is to help in the raise of consciousness of Humanity.
Auroville is struggling with this "impossible task" since almost 40 years.
Meanwhile we see that a small percent of the Business worldwide is beginning to shift consciousness. The first one to launch this new reflexion on the aims of the business has been Willis Harman, who founded the "World Business Academy"
(WBA) in California in 1989, with Rinaldo Brutoco. WBA has spread in Europe and Brazil. Willis declared that business has to take new and broader responsibilities. It has to "care for the whole" and help governments in that task. Indeed the business had until now a narrow consciousness, limiting itself to care only for immediate profit. This is not anymore possible because business has become a world actor. Its responsibilities must correspond to its power. It must broaden its scope and consciousness.
Recently "Spirit in Business" was created simultaneously in USA, in Europe and in South America. It is associated with another women entrepreneurship movement called " Women's leadership Initiative"
Those movements are going further. They are looking for a new spiritual dimension in Business life. This new approach seems possible now, but was probably not possible a few years ago when WBA was created. And they are also looking for a post-industrial economic paradigm enabling a really sustainable world. Other recent foundations like " Global Life Foundation" and "Global Leadership Academy" are also definitely going in the same direction.The success of "Future 500" , which is putting together the companies worldwide who are efficiently caring for Humanity's future, is also an interesting indication of a raise in Business consciousness. This organization is present in US, EU, Japan and other countries. It is now spreading also in China.
What is the actual debate inside the Indian business called the "Rising Elephant" according to a recent best seller[2][2]? Is there also a new type of encounter between a small percent of the Indian business leaders and the spiritual roots of Indian culture? Is this number growing? Is there a raise of consciousness among the Indian business? Is there a new vision of Indian business' responsibilities to the world at large?

Those are the questions the C.I.R.H.U. is reflecting on. Therefore it is inviting a small number of Business people on September 2-4, 2005, to reflect further on those new questions and to see if it would be wise to organize later in Auroville a bigger event.

(www.spiritinbusiness.org )
(www.wisdomleadership.org) .

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