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ACCESS Invitation Letter


Dear Friends,

We're delighted to announce the launch of the 2nd phase of  Auroville's Conscious Community Exchange System for Sustainability or ACCESS which went live on the 7th of May 2008.

The community exchange is an online exchange system which is presently running in many countries around the world; it is a community-based exchange network using virtual credits other than our familiar national money - an alternative, parallel, complementary currency system, or like we prefer to call it here a Complementary means of exchange. There are many similar exchange systems around the world, commonly know as Community Exchange Systems (CES) or Local Exchange Trading systems (LETS).

From child care to Kung-fu lessons to phone companionship, to computer programming and gardening, there's no limit to the ways of earning credits on this system. In this way a community complementary means of exchange acts like a supplementary currency, creating an additional stream of value in a community. By supplementing conventional cash flow with a local means of exchange, a community can maintain full employment and protect itself from changes and fluctuations in the national money supply.

I help you, and you help another and someone else helps me. The recipients of help become, in turn, the providers of help. What goes around comes around. The credits you earn by helping others can be used to receive services or help from someone else and acquire goods on offer. When you spend your community credits, someone else you know earns it and it won't be drained far away.

It's very easy to use; once you have created your account you can list your offerings to the community. When you are in need of anything at all, simply list it under the needs section of the site.

To visit and join Auroville's Conscious Community Exchange System for Sustainability please click the link below:


With Warmest Wishes,


How Does ACCESS Work?


Community Exchange Systems (CES) or Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS) groups like ACCESS compile and distribute a directory of goods and services offered by the members registered with them, as well as a list of their "needs". When a member requires something advertised in the directory the provider is contacted, the 2 parties agree on things like the value, the quality, the time frame or meeting time,etc. of the service or goods offered as these parameters are not fixed but left to the parties to agree upon; and then the exchange takes place. The provider debits the receiver's account. This usually involves the handing over of a cheque-like exchange Slip that records how much the receiver is offering for the goods/service delivered. The Slip is either handed by the provider to an administrator who will register the transaction, or the information is recorded directly by the provider on a central computerized tracking system like ACCESS. Transactions are recorded as credits for providers and as debits for receivers. The central book-keeping system records the relative transacting positions of the members. Those in credit can claim from the community goods and services to the value of their credit and those in debit owe the community goods and services to the value of their debit. Members receive a regular newsletter and statement of account that lists their transactions and gives their balance at the end of the period. Information about the transacting position of others prevents unscrupulous "buyers" from exploiting the system. News about the group assists in building links and enhancing the sense of community. The value of the credit is based on work time (i.e. 1 hrs=60credits) or on the national currency (i.e. 1Rs.=1 credit). This is given as an indication for members to have a base upon which to agree over the value of the services and goods they exchange. Each one is left to decide upon the amount of credits they want to ask or offer for each particular transaction and decide how skilled is the work they have put into, or got out of, that specific service or item. The name of the Auroville credit is the AURO and guests of Auroville are welcome to register as members of the exchange.






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