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March '03

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Auroville international translators is a team of multilingual professionals
in Auroville. Avitra provides human language translations in virtually
all Western and Eastern languages. Please consult the table below
for available language combinations.

When applicable, we make use of computer aided translation tools, thereby ensuring quality, consistency and speed of translation. All Avitra translators are licensed users of SDLX translation suite, one of
the leading Translation Memory packages in the industry.

Working under the Auroville Foundation,
our profits help to support the township.

Avitra, AuroAnnam Farm (opp. Auro-Orchard)
605101 Auroville TN, INDIA

email: avitra@auroville.org.in

Source > Target
French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Catalan, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese > English
English, German, Spanish > French
French, English, Spanish > German
French, English, Portuguese > Spanish
French, English, German, Spanish > Dutch
French, English, Russian, German > Italian
English > Swedish
English > Russian
English > Portuguese
French, English, Danish > Finnish
Spanish > Catalan
English, Japanese > Hindi
English > Tamil
English > Chinese
English > Korean
English > Japanese



Home > Economy > Industry & Commerce > Commercial units > Avitra

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