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April 2005

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Sound Wizard brings acoustic magic to India

French acoustic magicians Sound Wizard combine art and science to produce world-class studios and home theatres in India. Jesse Fox-Allen visited Sound Wizard's headquarters in Pondicherry to find out more.

Acoustics - Art or Science?

French acoustic designer and founder of acoustic design consultancy Sound Wizard, Didier Weiss, describes himself as scientist and artist. Scientist because he knows accurate acoustic analysis and calculation produce reliable results, but artist because he believes superb acoustics demand more than just experience, deep listening and quantitative measurement. Great sound, he says, needs that finishing touch - intuition.





India 's greatest film composer

When India 's great film music composer, A.R. Rahman, started his Indian audio recording studio, he turned to Sound Wizard because he knew Didier had the ability to guarantee a world-class acoustic environment. When legendary Finnish professional studio monitor manufacturer, Genelec, sought a firm to design and implement a space in India that would cast their first-grade audiophile speakers in the best ‘light', they turned to Sound Wizard.


Sound and Space work together

Why Sound Wizard? Sound Wizard's philosophy of Architectural Acoustics holds that acoustic spaces not only affect total quality of sound but also the way artists perform on stage or in a recording studio. “Beautiful acoustics and spaces greatly enhance performance and optimize musical force and the clarity of voice and instruments” says Didier. For this reason, Sound Wizard combines acoustic science with interior design to ensure sound and space work together to create stimulating, comfortable and effective environments.


Comfort, beauty and highly-trained specialists

The firm covers all aspects of architectural acoustics, specifically, the holy trinity of sound treatment, ergonomics and aesthetics. Sound Wizard works also in conjunction with specialized audio/video wiring technicians, national and international manufacturers and distributors of hi-tech audio and video technology, including projection screens and offers complete audio-visual solutions.


World-class sound for less

Good initial acoustic design planning saves time and money says Didier. “No more bad-sounding rooms with standing waves, muddy low frequencies, asymmetric stereo pictures, lack of linearity, harmonic and phase distortion and most of all, no expensive corrections at later stages”.



High-tech tools

Assisted by the latest 3D software modelling tools, expertise incontemporary architectural techniques and extensive practicaexperience, Sound Wizard creates optimal solutions for the moscomplex and demanding circumstances, and it delivers. Roomacoustic prediction, convolution and auralization software paired with industry-standard spectrum analyzers permit Sound Wizard to meet the most exacting customer needs.

The real home theatre

Sound Wizard now plans to diversify into the home theatre arena. “Home theatre is a widely abused phrase” says Sound Wizard operations manager, Kumbha Young-Grenier. “These days it's possible to spend a vast amount of money on a readymade ‘home theatre' kit and still end up with poor quality sound and image.” The point Kumbha makes is that with good design, customers can experience quality sound and get more for their audio rupee.


Rehearse and relax

From affordable audiophile-grade home theatres to vast studio complexes, complete with bar, gym, landscaped pool and anything else creative hearts desire, Sound Wizard offers a broad and creative range of studio configurations. Sound Wizard's design and consultancy specialties also include:

• auditoriums specially configured for dance, drama and/or music;

• boardrooms and conference halls;

• lounge bars/nightclubs.

The only choice

20 years experience with professional sound engineers and a history of design and set-up for prestigious international recording studios make Sound Wizard the only choice for all acoustic design needs. For further information, see Sound wizard's website at www.soundwizard.net.


By the way, why the name 'SOUND WIZARD'? Well, Didier Weiss was known as 'Le sorcier blanc' among the African musicians thronging Paris' studios. So our present label is like a wink at his professional past.


Address: Shakti , Auroville - 605 101, T.N., India

Phone : +91 (0)413 262 26 59

see also: http://www.soundwizard.net

contact: info@soundwizard.net

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