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February 27-28, March 1st 2006


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Mr. Marc Luyckx Gishi


Mr. Marc Luyckx Gishi has studied mathematics, philosophy and has a PhD in Russian and Greek Theology. He has lived in Italy, Brazil, and USA, and has lectured in Brazil, US and Europe.He has been during almost 10 years, working directly for Presidents of the European Commission Jacques Delors and Jacques Santer, as a member of the “Forward Studies Unit”, in the European Commission, from 1990 until 1999. He was in charge of the meaning of the European construction and of its ethical, cultural, religious, and political dimensions, in the context of the paradigm shift. He has been one of the organizers of the EU program called “The Soul of Europe”, and organised many meetings of President Delors with religious leaders, philosophers, etc.

He is now active in futurology research and is Dean of the New " CBA Business School " in Zagreb , Croatia , Member of the "International Advising Committee" of Auroville, Director of “Vision 2020”, a think Tank on the New Paradigm in Brussels , Expert for the Information Society Programs of the European Commission. Brussels

Email: marcluy@scarlet.be



 Dr Phuspa Bhargava


Dr Phuspa Bhargava , Chairperson of the National Knowledge Commission. Scientist, writer, thinker, institution builder, administrator. Former and Founder Director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad . Widely regarded as the architect of modern biology and biotechnology in India . Educated at Varanasi and Lucknow . Obtained his PhD at the age of 21. Worked in the U.S.A. , U.K. , France and Germany . Travelled in over 60 countries. Delivered over 250 invited lectures in some 125 institutions outside India . In addition, participated (as an invitee) in over 100 international meetings, and delivered over 1600 invited lectures in India . Over 125 major scientific publications, and over 400 other articles and write-ups on a variety of subjects, in some of the best-known publications around the world. Four books including a 500 page monograph on “Proteins of Seminal Plasma” published by John Wiley, New York; a national integrated science text book for 11-12 years-old; and the recent highly acclaimed book, The Saga of Indian Science since Independence: In a Nutshell (Universities Press, 2003). One of the most highly cited Indian scientists.

Email: pmb1928@yahoo.co.in



 Mr. Tachi Kiuchi


Mr. Tachi Kiuchi is currently chairman of The Future 500, E-Square Inc, Intechstra Inc, G.R.I. Forum Japan , Children's Express Japan, and lecturer at Musashi Institute of Technology. He was the first executive from overseas operations to be appointed to the board of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Tokyo and currently serves as a counselor. Mr. Kiuchi is a strong advocate of creating corporate culture from the best of both Japanese and non-Japanese business practices. By stressing the value of each individual, he urges his managers to combine teamwork, trust and communication to build strong and personal relationships. Also dedicated to preserving the environment, Mr. Kiuchi is a cofounder and chairman of The Future 500 in the U.S. , Japan and China , a group that strives to promote sustainable industry and sound environmental practices. In 1992, Mr. Kiuchi received the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Award for promoting greater U.S.-Japan understanding, in 1995, he received the International Citizenship Award from the Japan America Society, and in 2000, Appreciation Award from World Association of Representatives for Descendants was presented to him. Mr. Kiuchi is the author of "Working in America — A Guide Book for Japanese Businessmen and their Families," "Good Morning, This is Kiuchi Talking," "New Economy — Proposals from the Rainforest," "New Advocacy of Learning — Road to Ecological Economy," and "What We Learned in the Rainforest — Business Lessons from Nature". Apart from writing books he shares a great passion to run full marathons, he has ran in 27 marathons around the world. Mr. Kiuchi was born in Germany , spending his first few years there and in England before relocating to Japan . He earned his B.A. in economics from Keio University in Tokyo , and his M.A. from the University of British Columbia , Canada .

Email: kiuchi@e-squareinc.com



Mr. Ajoy Chawla


Mr. Ajoy Chawla : Head of business unit in Titan Industries, colleague of Mr. Chakravarti and a regular visitor to Auroville. He also participates along with his wife in Human development and leadership seminars for a Human Resources company: TVR Learning Associates.

Email: Ajoyc@titan.co.in



Dr. Ravi Chaudhry


Dr. Ravi Chaudhry is the founder Chairman of CEMEX CONSULTING GROUP, New Delhi , a Business Strategy consulting firm with focus on Success Strategies for International Growth , Global Competitiveness, and Corporate Governance . He has over 35 years' experience in International Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures including 10 years as CEO of five Tata Group Companies. A Mechanical Engineer with a Doctoral Award in Business Strategy, he is a Consultant to several Global Corporations and Sovereign States on their Strategic Plans for New Markets. He has undertaken extensive research on “why companies succeed or fail” in Cross-cultural environments. He specializes in “ Business Review and Re-alignment”, to bridge the gap between “what is” and “what could be” . He has grass-roots experience in a wide spectrum of industry sectors. He is the accredited consultant to Governments of Brazil and Switzerland . He has also been a consultant to Governments of Norway , Germany , Netherlands , Austria , Canada , and Uganda . He has advised scores of multinational corporations in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America on their global business strategies. His other clients include UNIDO, World Bank and international NGOs. He has served on the Boards of several companies as Director and Chairman. He is closely associated with initiatives to foster social consciousness in business today.

Email: cemex@vsnl.com



Mr. Sergio Lub


Mr. Sergio Lub is an American artist, born in 1953 from Russian parents in Argentina . Moved to California in 1975 where in 1983 he met and later married Los Angeles artist Gaye Frisk. They are blessed with 2 children: Sonia (b.86) & Nikolas (b.89). Sergio is trained as an architect, has inventor patents, has traveled to over 80 countries and has a business designing and handcrafting copper, brass and silver bracelets — his designs can be found in nearly 1,000 stores and galleries in the US and Canada — www.SergioLub.com. Sergio has always been passionate about connecting good people and is using the Internet to do it since 1995. He helped design the community building freeware Friendly Favors — www.Favors.org/FF — and the Living Directory Network — www.LivingDirectory.net — which is presently being used collaboratively by over 100 organizations and is interconnecting over 40,000 people in over 150 countries and powers: www.livingdirectory.net/AURO

Email: sergio@sergiolub.com



Arnab B. Chowdhury


Arnab B. Chowdhury is founder and CEO of Ninad — a consulting firm assists organizations to realize their Communication and IT potential with a concentration on eLearning while leveraging upon the ‘offshoring' model. He has a decade of experience in the areas of strategic planning, communication, project management, education development, software product design and development, marketing and media strategy, multimedia technology research and content development. He has led teams and consulted for organizations such as MIT Media Lab, IBM, Analog Devices, NEC, Toshiba, Denon and Infosys Technologies and has received industrial recognition for multimedia product design. He is on the management teams of Aurosoorya — a Silicon Valley consulting firm, and iPetitions.com — a New York-based online activism portal. He has written articles encompassing management, technology and art criticism for publications such as La Revue Agir, Hindu Business Line, The New Indian Express, themusicmagazine.com, sulekha.com and Mother India. Arnab has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, creative writing and Indian Philosophy from Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE), Pondicherry where he now teaches communication and music composition.

Email: arnab@ninad.biz



Ms Chandana Chakrabarti


Ms Chandana Chakrabarti , presently Director, Sukriti, a consultancy organisation, was for a decade with the CCMB, Hyderabad , an internationally renowned basic research laboratory of the CSIR. She played a crucial role in the building of CCMB along with its founder Dr PM Bhargava. With over a 100 major articles published in well-known magazines, newspapers and books published in India and abroad, she wrote a weekly column for the Deccan Chronicle, Andhra Pradesh's largest circulating daily. She has co-authored a book titled, “The Saga of Indian Science since Independence : In a Nutshell” published by Universities Press. As a social activist, she is the Convenor of The MARCH, a voluntary organisation based in Hyderabad, whose efforts have led to the setting up of a national system of accreditation of diagnostic laboratories to ensure quality and reliability, and also the national guidelines for accreditation of infertility clinics. Widely travelled in India and abroad as an invited participant and speaker at major international meetings, she represented India at the World Youth Leadership Summit held at the UN Headquarters in New York in 1995. She has anchored several nationally telecast television programmes and has been compering a wide variety of programmes relating to industry, science, art and culture. She has been a part of the visiting faculty of various organisations imparting training in communication skills and etiquette. She has been intimately involved with Children's Film Society of India in organizing the International Children's Film festivals in Hyderabad . She was recently rated as being one of the ten most talented women in the State of Andhra Pradesh . She has also acted in several feature films and telefilms. She recently enacted a significant role in 2004's blockbuster Telugu film “Anand”. She is presently associated with the National Knowledge Commission, Government of India.



Thomas Greco


Thomas Greco is a community economist, writer, consultant and educator. He is the founder and Director of the Community Information Resource Centre (CIRC) based in Tucson , Arizona . ' CIRC ' provides guidance to communities seeking to develop sustainable economic and social structures. In North America he is regarded as one of the leading experts on community economic development, monetary theory and local currencies. He is a patron and contributor to ' Fourth World Review ' and has written for a wide range of other journals including ' The Whole Earth Review', 'Green Revolution', 'The Catholic Worker', 'The Permaculture Activist ' and 'Perspectives' .

He is the author of several books including ' New Money for Healthy Communities ' and ' Money & Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis' . His latest book on complementary currencies and exchange systems was published by Chelsea Green in 2001. He was the organiser of the ' Fourth World Assembly ' and ' New Economics Symposium ' held in San Francisco in 1987 and is Leader for the Radical Consultation Forum on Globalisation, Money & Trade .

Email : circ2@mindspring.com



Ram Sehgal


Ram Sehgal is one of the icons of the communication industry. Ram began his career at Air India , where he spent five years after obtaining his degree in Journalism from Regent Institute, London , and an advertising degree from Institute of Practitioners , London . He then moved to S.H. Benson (now Ogilvy) in 1967. He joined HTA (now JWT) in 1971 as an Account Executive, and by 1976, he had become Branch Manager of their Delhi Office. After a 15 year innings with JWT where he worked on a diverse portfolio of brands (Air India , Philips, Voltas , Beecham, BHEL, ITC) Ram took on the assignment of President at Contract Advertising. Over his 15 year tenure, Ram was instrumental in moulding Contract into one of the finest agencies in the country. Under his aegis, Contract consistently produced superlative creative work that helped build many successful brands. For his contribution to the advertising industry, Ram Seghal was conferred the A & M Advertising Man of the Year in 1994. In 2001, the Advertising Club of Kolkata elected Ram to the Hall of Frame. From 1997-1998, Ram Seghal served as President of the Advertising Agencies Association of India, and in 1998, as the Chairman of the Advertising Standard Council of Indian. A gentleman and a man of character, Ram carriers with him the reputation of being one of the finest Managers in the country.

Email: ramrajsehgal@yahoo.co.in


Dr. Helga Breuninger


Dr. Helga Breuninger holds degrees in economics and psychology. She is director of the Breuninger Foundation in Stuttgart , Germany . Helga initiated 1995 EXZET, a public-private partnership project of the Breuninger Foundation, empowering and training unemployed people to become self employed. Two projects of the Breuninger Foundation are operating in cooperation with Auroville:  Integral healing and integral education for global responsibility. Helga is managing partner of successio GmbH, a consulting company specialized on succession in family business. Successio has a focus on coaching female successors for team orientation in business.

Email: helga@breuninger-stiftung.de



Ranjan Mitter


Ranjan Mitter did his Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD in Fontainebleau , France . He subsequently worked in the fields of Strategic Planning, Turnaround Management, Organisational Restructuring, Sales, Marketing and General Management. He has worked for various organisations like Philips, Titan Industries, Polaroid etc. for almost two decades. For the last six years, Ranjan has been the Honorary Secretary of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, a multifaceted institution active in school cultural and vocational education and in research on the Indian freedom movement. Since 2000, Ranjan has been teaching at the Management Centre for Human Values, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta . He has designed and offered courses on "Business Ethics". He also teaches various modules in "Business Strategy" courses. Ranjan designs and offers standard and customised programmes for Management Development Programmes on "Management of NGOs". Ranjan has lectured twice at the European Summer School for Advanced Management, Aarhus , Denmark at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, and at the International Federation for Alternative Trade, Hanoi . He is currently a member of the International Beliefs and Values Institute of the James Madison University in Virginia , USA .

Email: ranjanmitter@gmail.com




Ron Anastasia


Ron Anastasia. Hi-Tech Entrepreneur — Founded & directed several small hi-tech companies, in fields of:

- Computer training

- Holistic medical software, expert systems, knowledge engineering

- Management consulting

- Macintosh software development

- Renewable energy & sustainability consulting

- Photovoltaic solar cells (set new PV efficiency record in 1992)

Founding Director of MIT Appropriate Technology Group.

Founder of "Science, Culture and Integral Yoga" Webzine (SCIY)

SCIY address: http://sciy.blogharbor.com (no www needed)

Email: rjon@vzavenue.net


Dr. Guenter Faltin


Dr. Guenter Faltin. Prof. of entrepreneurship at Freie Universitaet Berlin , 61, specializing in business model development; created his own enterprise, “Teekampagne”, in 1985, a mail order business that has grown into the world's biggest importer of Darjeeling tea; established and financed the “Stiftung Entrepreneurship”, a foundation to broaden the participation in the field of entrepreneurship.

Email: faltin@ebuero.de





 Dr.Shrikant N. Parikh


Dr.Shrikant N. Parikh , over last 25 years(18 of which were in USA ), has played a variety of lead roles in areas of entrepreneurship, inventions/research, business/technology strategy and in academia as a professor of technology management/strategy. He is a cofounder of InfoAlive Pvt. Ltd. ( www.infoalivetech.com ) a specialized technology services company. He is a co-founder and ex-CTO of Globe Ranger Corp. (USA), a leading company in wireless SCM space. Dr. Parikh had a long career with IBM (USA) in technology and business areas prior to that. He was a key member of several major product teams of IBM and other companies and over years, has successfully shipped complex software products and solutions. He has advised, guided and been a consultant to, a number of large IBM customers. Dr.Parikh serves as an invited adjunct professor at one of the top-ten management institutions in India. He has guided creation of over all architecture and design of graduate level management programs focusing on technology management. His industrial research has resulted in total 33 patents (granted in USA, Europe or Japan) till date. He has also published over 50 invention disclosures and research papers and served as a referee for IEEE journals/conferences. He holds a doctorate degree ( SMU , USA ) and a master's degree( University of Texas at Arlington , USA ) in computer science from USA . Dr.Parikh has been training senior professionals in overall management of technology organizations. He has been awarded several invention achievement awards from IBM and listed in several editions of Who's Who. He is also a Senior Member of IEEE. He has co-organized prestigious national conferences on leveraging technology for India's key developmental goals. Dr.Parikh takes a deep interest in voluntary/NGO activities. His active interest in these activities stems from a concern for people at a disadvantage, especially in rural India.

Email: sparikh@vsnl.com



Toine Van Megen


Toine works for Suzlon Energy Limited , India as Vice President - International Corporate Development. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Suzlon Energy A/s , Denmark from where the international business of Suzlon is managed. Suzlon designs, manufactures, installs and maintains wind turbines, is market leader in Asia and has an increasing international presence.

Toine lived and worked in Auroville for a good part of his life. In Auroville he worked for a number of projects and activities including the Matrimandir and the Auroville Electrical Service, which he established and managed for a number of years.

Although he is presently not a permanent resident of Auroville he is often seen there and is an active participant in Auroville activities and initiatives. He is part of the Auroville Vision 2012 initiative and aspires to becoming an active participant in the planning and building of the Auroville Township .

Email: tvm@vsnl.com

http:// www. suzlon .com/


Hedda Pahlson-Moller


Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Managing Director Omnisource International (OMSINT) and Evalueserve Benelux. Hedda is an international citizen, born in Canada to Swedish parents, raised in the US , and currently living in Luxembourg . She began her career as a political economist, working at NGOs and Embassies in Germany , Japan and India . After shifting into the domain of finance and IT, working for Hewlett Packard's European Finance Division, she decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurialism and launched an Outsourcing/Offshoring Consultancy (OMSINT), providing services in IT and Business Intelligence. In this capacity, Hedda began working with Evalueserve, an India-based KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) company offering customized business/market research as well as Intellectual Property (patent) services. Hedda now runs Evalueserve's Benelux operation and is a firm believer of the ‘Flat World' concept. Hedda has a B.A. from Brown University , an M.A. in Asian Studies from Lund University and an MBA from Copenhagen University .


Email : hedda.pm@evalueserve.com




Serge Brelin


Serge Brelin

In Auroville since 1981.

Graphic designer, printer, publisher and handmade paper producer.

Researcher in Auroville organization.

Aikido teacher.

Coordinator of the Auroville Vision 2012 initiative

Member of CIRHU and of the Auroville Institute of Management and Business Consciousness project team.



Olivier Hetzel


Olivier Hetzel

In Auroville since 1988.

Business manager in food processing and distribution.

Researcher in alternative economy and complementary currencies.

Dance and meditation practitioner.

Member of the Auroville Vision 2012 team



  Mr. Marc Tormo Altimira


Mr. Marc Tormo Altimira

In Auroville since 1997

Coffee consultant, entrepreneur and cook, has been working for the last 10 years in the hospitality sector.

At present working in projects related to organic cultivation, processing, packing and marketing.

Member of the Auroville Vision 2012 team and of the Auroville Institute of Management and Business Consciousness project team.






Gilles Guigan







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