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Pour Tous II

The aim of “For All – Pour Tous” is to provide for the needs of all without exchange of money for: “Those who will live in Auroville won't have money - there's no circulation of money.”
Mother insisted on no circulation of money within Auroville though she acknowledged that “the good thing about money is that it is so practical”. No circulation of money derives from the fact that she wanted Auroville’s economy to be based on collective property and offering – rather than on private property and internal trade, on
which the economy of all modern societies are based.

The first stone of this new building was laid on 27th August by the new Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, Shri S.R. Sharma, IAS.

The site is adjacent to the Solar Kitchen, with a common loading/unloading platform for goods, in order to create a synergy between these two essential services.

The ongoing first phase of 560 m² consists of a large open space for PT stall, stores, 2 offices and the circulation. Provision has already been made for an extension at the back of another 380 m² and to add a first floor in the future. (This could be occupied by Nandini and the Free Store for example.)

Total estimated cost of the project including equipment and furniture: Rs. 60.5 lakhs
For any additional information, please contact:

Architect: Architecture dept/Auroville Building Centre/CSR
Project holder: Gilles G. on behalf of the Economy Group.

see also: community Prarthna; profile or architect_Suhasini


Home > Economy Internal economy > Pour Tous - for all > Pour Tous II

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