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March '02

Last touches before the inauguration..

flowers and light..


Om Shanti Shanti..



May there be well being for all
May there be peace for all
May there be fullness for all
May there be goodness for all

Peace Peace Peace

May all be happy
May all be pure
May all see only one beauty
May none be suffering

Shanti Shanti Shanti




Celebration 14.03.'02

On the 14th of March 2002, FOR ALL / Pour Tous, celebrated its 30th anniversary by coming full circle back to the original intent of the work. The Aurovilians inaugurated the entrance to what will become the permanent site for its central organisation and supply services. The new complex will be located along the future Crown Road, adjacent to the Solar Kitchen (Cuisine Solaire Pour Tous), at its East end.


On the morning of the 14th of March the For All / Pour Tous account was opened in Auroville Financial Service and then reopened at the State Bank of India on site.
And in the afternoon of the very same day, the new permanent site for the 'For All /Pour Tous services' was inaugurated by a light invocation ceremony at the very entrance of the future building complex.

Second supply service

The first unit to be built, as described by coordinator Gilles (French) during the inauguration, will house a second supply service just as presently available at the Aspiration settlement. All farm produce of Auroville and other food can be stored here, so that foods needed for preparation in the Solar Kitchen can be directly provided by trolley from the storerooms.
The other services to meet the daily needs of Auroville and Aurovilians will gradually grow and stretch out into the forest area connected to this first unit. Suhasini, the designer/architect of the Solar Kitchen, designed this first unit, a drawing of which was on display during the ceremony.

Permanent light on 'Pour Tous'

The inauguration began with everyone facing the new pinkish marble slab engraved with 'FOR ALL / Pour Tous' in Mother's handwriting. The marble slab had been set in a modern metal frame, bordered with glass strips, and stood a proud two meters high in a circle of meaningful plants, surrounded with stones. In front of the sign, on a high, wrought-iron stand, a solar candle has found a permanent place.

Elegant and profound occasion

Moments of invocation..




Deepshika Reddy had come from Pondicherry to chant the invocation to the Divine Mother according to Indian tradition at the beginning of the celebration, and to lead the Aurovilians in a Vedic chant appropriate for the occasion.

At 5.30 pm, in the golden hour of the day, a prayer bell rang for the invocation, and the approximate fifty Aurovilians and friends present joined in the chanting (you find its English translation alongside this page).


Clare, Pour Tous' original initiative taker, hosted the occasion which was afterwards referred to as "elegant and profound". And after the chanting, Surbhi distributed the traditional sweets, an offering for all..


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