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The Vision of the Auroville Economy





This document is a private study undertaken by long-term Aurovilian Carel Thieme, one of the editors of Auroville Today, in order to understand the vision of The Mother on the Auroville economy. It was written in 2010.



I. History

I A. The origins of an ideal town

I B. The Auroville idea manifests

II. Ownership

II A. Immovable assets

II B. Moveable assets

II C. Present situation.

III. Money

III A. Auroville money relations

III B. The nature of money

III C. Practical consequences

III D. Present situation.

IV. Relationships between the town and the individuals

IV A. Individual attitudes

IV B. A self-supporting township

IV C. The role of business

IV D. Fundraising

IV E. Present situation

IV F. Prospects

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