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Opportunities for Professional Volunteers


solar panels and water windmill in Adventure community



Several Units of Auroville are keen on welcoming professionals and students interested to engage in their projects; they present below a picture of their needs and expectations.

More opportunities are available through Savi, which offer a complete package of services to registered volunteers. Contact study@auroville.org.in to get a complete list of available opportunities.


Future school is a high school level program primarily for Aurovilian students between the ages of 14 and 20. The school offers courses in most relevant disciplines, including a wide variety of languages and elective subjects, and students can choose to prepare for internationally recognised exams (British O-levels and A-levels) if they wish. The campus has a range of educational facilities including a wonderful library and labs for physics, biology, chemistry and computer sciences. We encourage a minimum commitment of 6 months for volunteers and teachers.

Every term, our teaching and volunteering needs change, so if you are interested in education involving teenage youth and are able to make a minimum 6-month commitment,  please contact us at futureschool@auroville.org.in.



Sadhana Forest

"May there be many forests to grow people"


Our vision is to transform 70 acres of severely eroded Auroville land and introduce a growing number of people to sustainable living. Our energy and resources are focused on the creation of a vibrant indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF).


Sadhana Forest is a volunteer based community. The work is done by a revolving community of long and short term volunteers (minimum 2 weeks). In addition to our regular volunteer program, we currently need long term volunteers for the following positions:


•  Forest Work Coordinator

•  Administration Assistant

•  Fundraising Coordinator

•  Head Gardener

•  Volunteer Recruitment Organizer

•  Community Development Worker


On the job training and support for all of these positions will be given. There is no maximum time limit for any of the positions.

For further information or to volunteer, send us an email to:



We look forward to working with you in Sadhana Forest !




AurovilleRadio needs new energy and help in various fields pertaining to the project.
We are looking for students and professionals who are interested in helping us implementing the Community Radio project such as:

  • Journalist
  • Sound editor
  • Musicologist
  • Sound technician
  • Computer networker
  • Php and Flash programmer
  • Web designer / administrator skilled in CMS (Joomla!)
  • Communication, mass media & new media expert
  • Radio and TV webcasting and podcasting expert
  • Linux server administrator
  • Data base developer

For more information check our site www.aurovilleradio.org



Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre (PBRC) is seeking a committed and experienced community relations professional to assist in engaging with our visitors, volunteers, donors and other partners.

PBRC is a non-profit environmental and community development organization based at Auroville, Tamil Nadu. It promotes tropical dry evergreen forest and medicinal plant conservation, and undertakes community outreach and education activities throughout the Kaliveli bioregion, with a focus on schools and women's self-help groups. It provides models of sustainable ecological practices with the aim of replicating these across Tamil Nadu.

1. Project Co-ordinator - Adyar Creek project - a person with experience in project management is sought for a 6 month project (wtih possible extension). Must be fluent in English - tamil would be an advantage.

2. Community Relations officer - a person is needed to engage with visitors to Pitchandikulam as well as write and distribute materials such as brochures, web content etc. This is an ongoing, permanent position and the person must be fluent in English, with tamil an advantage.

3. Projects Manager - a very experienced manager is sought to oversee Pitchandikulam's many projects and manage staff to deliver the projects. Must be fluent in Tamil and English.

All positions are based at Pitchandikulam in Auroville and there is accommodation available if required. 

Send email applications to the unity@auroville.org.in
or directly to tdef@auroville.org.in
For more information go to www.pitchandikulamforest.org




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