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News from New Era Secondary School

We just wanted to keep you up on what our students and
teachers have been doing to accompany the academic learning
going on here at NESS. A Buddhist monk has been teaching
reading, writing, listening and thinking skills.
A professional counsellor has been interviewing each of our students about their qualities and future aspirations.
Rod has been coaching our teachers about classroom management and Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation.
Gordon gave our teachers a workshop “How to avoid lecturing”. Joerg came and did a presentation to the entire school on solar energy. In fact, we were so inspired that the school is now developing a project and searching for funding for the installation of a partial or total solar energy system to supply our electricity. The students will be actively following this project.

Gaby came and gave us a talk about recycling. We all liked this very much and hope that she will come back soon and teach us much more!
The students did a lovely job, supported by the teachers, preparing the Annual Day program on 24 December. We were so happy to see many parents and friends from Auroville there!
As for our lunch program, we are waiting for news from the responsible working groups.

You can contact us at: ness@auroville.org.in
or by phone: (0413) 2622662


(as published on News & Notes n. 483, 26th January 2013)

HomeEducation > Schools for Auroville > New Era Secondary School > Update 3013

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