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- update July 27th, 2002 as published in AVNews

Future School, waiting for innumerable future generations to come..

We are happy to tell you that the name for Auroville's new High School has now emerged. The school will be called 'FUTURE SCHOOL'. You may have noticed that the construction site is buzzing with energy, and teachers and students are enthusiastically planning for the transfer to the new school where the empty spaces of labs and class rooms are slowly being filled up. The first group to move into the new compound, in early 2003, will be the 35 students of the Center for Further Learning (CFL) and the CFL Team. Admission applications for new students for the next school year (July 2003) will begin in March.

View of the future biology lab

View of the future chemistry lab

View of the future chemistry lab

Side view of the school

Moral and financial support

The money to build Future School was generously donated through Gateway. With this money we have been able to construct the building. We have also received financial help from The Foundation for World Education and Stichting de Zaaier. With this money we have been able to start getting materials for the science labs, lay the ground work for a waste water treatment plant, buy 2 computers and purchase some books and teaching materials.

We need your moral support and financial support so that the students will be greeted with a new and stimulating learning centre.

Summary of Needs





Library bookshelves


Electrical fittings


Computer lab


Science labs


Books & teaching materials


Dining area & grounds




Aug '02: US dollar exchange rate is approx Indian Rupees 48.


For further information, please contact any one of us.

- with Hope for the Future,

Mary, Lyle, Chali, Sergei, Bunty, Anton, Sanjeev

Contact: saiier@auroville.org.in

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