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During the school year 2000-2001,  Auroville's Kindergarten especially concentrated on 'expression through painting' classes and we're happy to share here some images with you. Aurovilian Claire, from France, who is a member of the Kindergarten team  particularly focusing on this activity, tells us the following:

A mirror of the development of a child

The paintings are a story, a diary through which one can follow the development of the child. At this very young age, the kids are not able to express verbally what they feel. Painting is a good way to express a deep feeling, and also to create something new, to enjoy and discover the colours.

The development process of painting is like a mirror of the development of a child. All children go through the same 'phases' of painting, although those phases are shorter or longer, come earlier or later for each child. It is essential that each child can follow his/her own rhythm and that he/she can compose the forms and colours he/she likes.
Personally, I just have to be there; to be fully there and help to take care of the material , to hold the brushes, to mix the colours, to fix the paper on the easel..

The Mother on working with young children
When you begin with very small children, it's wonderful with them, there's so little you have to do; you just have to BE..
- Never make a mistake;
- Never get angry;
- Always understand.
Understand and see clearly why this movement took place, why that impulse, what the child's inner constitution is, which point needs to be strengthened and brought to the fore.

That's all you have to do, and then leave them: leave them free to blossom, just give them the opportunity to see many things, touch many things, do as many things as possible. It's great fun. And above all, do not try to impose on them something you think you know.
(from Mother's Agenda)

Claire.., just being there..

Contact: claire@auroville.org.in

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(We are saddened to mention that Ms Jyothi from Poona, who is depicted sitting on the left on the present homepage photo, has passed away during a medical surgery operation in her hometown in the summer of '01. Jyothi worked with the Kindergarten team for quite some time during her newcomer stay here in Auroville.)


HomeEducation > Kindergarten > Painting classes at the Kindergarten

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