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Transition poems



A city of wonder, where
Unlimited freedom of the mind is possible.

Reaching our goals,
Obtaining knowledge and
Valuing hard work.
Ideal place where
Life can evolve.
Living together in
Eternal friendship.

By Mukta-14

The grandeur of the sea

The little cove is blue,
With a hue,
Of green and turquoise.
The clear water still,
As still as frozen ice
And cold,
As cold as old gold.
Out of it jut rocks,
As sharp and long
As knives,
They sting in pain
When stepped upon,
But when swum around
This place
Is paradise!

By Virya.-14

A Door

A door hides many things,
A door hides places,
A door hides feelings.
A door hides many places,
Places you've never seen,
Places you've never been.
A door hides many feelings,
Feelings of joy and hope,
Feelings of hate and anger.

By Surya -14


Love is so strong it sticks like gum
Which will never get done.
Love is like a gum
Which never ends till the gum

By Kumaran -15




Friendship is powerful
For those who are true friends.
Friendship can be delight.

My friendship is roaring like the wind
And in my friendship there
Is some courage.



Petals like a dress
In a pretty little dress
Sunshine in the morning
Makes them want to sing
My little friends the flowers

By Mindu (13)

Black wind

Black winds
Cold White rain,
Light, freezing children playing
Rain… pure… soft, wet from the sunlight.
The earth.

By Jonas S.(13)


- school year 2001 - 2002

The following poems are all from the oldest group of Transition School's students - those who will be leaving Transition in May of this year, 2002. The students are of various nationalities and about 14 years old.

My dog

Being apart from my dog isn't easy…
I find my-self missing him so..
But even though we can't be together right now
Gentle thoughts of him fill my days
And dreams of him fill all my nights.
I'm daydreaming about all my playing with him
And what we'll do when we are together again…..
I still feel so close to him
And I just keep hoping
The day will fly by
So I can be near him
To talk to
To love

By Nathiya


Open your eyes to see
The beauty and the grandeur of nature.
It is always in harmony with itself,
It is magnificent, day and night.
There is but one thing it does desire
"To be seen".

Grandeur of Nature

The soft breeze goes through the bright green grass.
Making it sway and play with the emerald, green grass.
The crystal fountain trickles, making every drop sound like music.
You can fly free as an eagle in the blue sky- free like one can be.
And mountains, white peaked, stand out in the background
The soft fresh breeze comes down into the valley and makes you feel even freer.
And oh what a perfect place to be.

By Julian-13


In the morning,

When the light has barely reached over the treetops
I do a morning grass walk,
With the fresh cold dew penetrating, melting in my feet.
Soft tenderness fills up my entire body with varieties of feelings.
Sharp blades stabbing at my feet,
But, nothing matters to me now, I smile.
Every day rain or sunshine I walk
So that with every sway of the grass
I am filled with warmth and beauty everywhere.

The soft harsh brown pasture
Crumples beneath the weight of my feet.
Green colors fill my eyes.
The prairies sway and beam as I softly pace through the grass.
Grass of the day,
Grass of the dark,
Fill me with enormous beams of tenderness

By Mindu (13)

A Lightening Storm

Electricity in the breeze makes me freeze as it passes.
Electricity gives power through the wind and
Into the night.
Electricity flows when the wind blows.
It races past you in the wind.

By Jonas S. (13)

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