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The Genius of India


A slide-show

India's culture through the ages

In an essay written in 1918 and entitled The Renaissance in India, Sri Aurobindo presents us with a masterly view of India's culture through the ages -- her essential spirit and her characteristic soul, her unique genius and powers which gave her her remarkably long periods of greatness and an unusually prolific creativity -- that which allowed her to survive for so long when other ancient civilisations faded away. He explains the basis of her strength -- that which enabled her to resist so many attempts at crushing her culture. He also shows how a renaissance in India, resting on these foundations, using these very tendencies and powers, arising, as he says "from the roots of our being", could be possible -- in other words, how the same soul could create a new body.

An exhibition and slide-show

Never before and never after had a programme been chalked out for the future of India with such clarity. One cannot but wish that, one day, this text will be part of the curriculum of all schools and colleges. Unfortunately, for the moment, it is known by only a handful of people, even in India. This is why, in an effort to bring this vision to a larger audience, the Auroville Press created an exhibition and a slide-show called The Genius of India, both based on this text. The slide-show consists of photographs powerfully evoking the essence of India, past and present, and of a sound-track where extracts from Sri Aurobindo's essay alternate with music (both classical and folk). The photos are from Olivier Barot, an Aurovilian working in Auroville Press. For the last two years a team of the Auroville Press has been touring the country to present this audio-visual in many schools, colleges and universities.

Contact: aurovillepress@auroville.org.in

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the first chapter of
The Renaissance in India
by Sri Aurobindo
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