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The Institute for Research on Supramental Transformation will hopefully be a building one day in Auroville where people can participate in a full program of diet, exercise and therapy to unite the physical consciousness with the psychic being; however, for the time being, it is simply Dr. Leontios Negeftidis working in Arka offering therapy and advise to people who are interested in what he has to offer from his lifetime research in rejuvenation and immortality. 
D.r Negeftidis published a book in Greece, in Greek, titled, Athansiology.  You can see some more about this book at http://www.athanasiology.gr.

When a friend in Athens showed Dr. Negeftidis the Auroville webpage two years ago, he said immediately, yes, this is where it can happen.  Within 3 months he had closed his clinic in Athens, left everything, and came to Auroville.  For nearly two years he has been in Auroville.  When he arrived he spoke no English.  He has had to learn English.  He has worked at Kailash and Pitanga and finally at Arka, as well as driving the transport from the visitors’ center to Matrimandir, working with the children in the summer camp at Berjam, etc. 

He still believes that Auroville is where this can happen.  Inspired by The Mother and the Charter of Auroville that talks about ‘a youth that never ages;’  and,  from the Agenda, ‘there is no pain, there is no death, there is only love.”  Dr. Negeftidis believes that it is the real work of Auroville, to research the evolution of man, to find the way to manifest the supramental manifestion.  In Sri Aurobindo’s book, The Supramental Manifestation, it is clearly stated that a strong and healthy body is the base for the transformation.

The Institute will not only serve people with strong healthy bodies, but also offer treatment to people who are not well.  Those who are really dedicated to this work will form a team.  They will not be doctors and patients, but a team working together, a Gnostic community, with the goal, the supramental transformation.  The Institute will publish regularly something about its process and progress, on its webpage, and perhaps eventually a book on  their experience during this research.

People from all over India and the world will be invited to share their knowledge about rejuvenation.  There will be careful experiments with diet, and programs of yoga and other exercise, as well as the unique therapy that Dr. Negeftidis has developed based on his knowledge as a doctor and his research of the past twenty years.  There will also be research into the writings of philosophers from ancient Greece to Sri Aurobindo on the question of physical immortality.
We hope this webpage will be often updated with new material about the evolution of this Institute for Research on Supramental Transformation; but, for the moment, we can only suggest that if you are interested please contact, Dr. Leo at Arka.

Quotations on Immortality by Sri Aurobindo and Mother (.pdf)
prepared by Martin Sobieroj


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