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How to convey the quality of inner experience? June and July marked two retreats in Verite Integral Learning Centre, which focussed on the inner aspect of being Aurovilian.

Integral Learning – that's the title we've given to the programme part of the Verite Community. “Integral” evokes Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga, the practical application of his motto “All Life is Yoga”. Integral Learning means we're trying to live all the activities of our lives as a spiritual practice. The Integral Yoga doesn't have any outward practices – no fixed times or styles of meditation, no rituals or physical or even psychological exercises. So how to practice? How to remember to practice?

At the ten-day Vipassana Retreat in June, four Aurovilians who practice Vipassana meditation regularly were the cooks and servers for the course, and had a special treat. Vipassana has been adopted by these Aurovilians because it does provide, within the broad inclusivity of the Integral Yoga, a method of practice. At this course, the silence and familiar structure of the days along with the atmosphere of concentration of all the students produced a situation in which the flow of work together was so smooth, it seemed to us like a little taste of what it might be like to be in a new consciousness, where the ego is present but not predominant. It was a happy, even inspiring, experience.

Then a month later, we had an “Integral Yoga Retreat”.

It was a week of connecting to the inner dimension of our lives as Aurovilians. How often have we read “To be a True Aurovilian” in which Mother says the first requisite is to get in contact with the inner being? But how to get in contact? Again and again we can read Sri Aurobindo telling us that we have to quiet the mind, delve deep behind the heart, focus up above the head, and find our inner being. But how to actually do it? In this retreat, we Aurovilians took a week away from our busy-ness, took up a simple residence in Verite, and dedicated our whole time to exactly that. We were guided to experience these inner movements, and get some practice in moving back and forth between the inner and the outer consciousness.

The retreat was arranged mostly for people who have been following the Synthesis of Yoga classes on Fridays at Savitri Bhavan for the last year. Fourteen Aurovilians and eight Ashramites and others gathered with Sraddhalu, in an atmosphere of concentration and consecration, and practised accessing the Peace and Vastness and Love of the Divine, with the intention of being able afterwards to refer to that inner state at will. Here, in an atmosphere of silence and study of Sri Aurobindo's Isha Upanishad, we were guided to experience the eternal flux as the habitation of the Divine, for His enjoyment in and through us. Participants shared that this experiential introduction to Mother and Sri Aurobindo's teaching is very welcome (even long overdue) and profoundly helps us to connect to the essence within of the Auroville without.


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