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Leading sustainable tomorrows

Leading sustainable tomorrows is a 3-day workshop on leadership and sustainability to be held from 31-Oct to 2-Nov 2014 in Auroville.

Leading sustainable tomorrows

Through reflection, individual mentoring, input sessions, and group work, participants will engage with critical dimensions of leadership such as clarifying values, such as clarifying values and actively engage with the concepts of disclosure and feedback. Participants will also engage with the challenge of building a sustainable India by looking at India's challenges and Auroville's solutions through a systems-perspective. Site visits to different sustainable initiatives and discussions with Auroville's experts
comprise the experiential part of this workshop.
Leading sustainable tomorrows is a transformative experience that will inspire you to take on the challenge of sustainability in personally meaningful ways!

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Fostering Leadership


Stewardship Workshops being offered by Monica Sharma
in Auroville



Auroville Green Practices 3H Summer School 2014

21 July - 10 Aug, 2014 at Auroville (near Puducherry), India

Auroville Green Practices is once again organizing the 3H Summer School program for the year 2014. This program is an initiative using Auroville and its outstanding experience in sustainable living as a platform for learning and personal growth for students from around the world.
The Summer School serves as an experimental and cross-disciplinary design laboratory, connecting core human values, design theory, ideation and on-site building application around the selected theme ‘From Cradle to Cradle; Building for Responsible Consumption’.

The aim is to train a new generation of environmental stewards that are capable of connecting Hands (capacity), Head (system thinking) and Heart (personal strength) while working on system change for a more socially and environmentally just future.

The program is organized for a limited capacity of 25 participants and students from all backgrounds, enthusiastic to learn and passionate about sustainable change are welcome to join.


Martin Scherfler
Auroville Green Practices





Monday, 7th October 2013 at Unity Pavilion





Exploring a Sustainable Future

A Workshop at Auroville
December 8-14, 2013



Historical archive
(for documentation about past workshops)



Auroville Green Practices Workshops


1. Summer School for Sustainable Building and Design

22 July - 11 Aug, 2013 at Auroville (near Puducherry), India

The Auroville Green Practices (AGP) Summer School program is an initiative using Auroville and its outstanding experience in human unity & sustainable living as a platform for the learning and personal growth of students from around the world, interested in architecture and design. The program is based on the H3 approach that nurtures hands (skills), head (competencies) and heart (inner capacities) of students. The workshop will serve as an experimental and cross-disciplinary educational laboratory, connecting theory and application with core human values such as justice, dignity and beauty, around the theme of Sustainable Building & Design.

Besides the hands-on workshop, students will have an opportunity to explore an integrated approach towards human habitats through site visits to various projects in Auroville and interactions with experts on sustainable practices such as Earth Architecture, Passive Solar Design, Vernacular Architecture, Integrated Planning, Ecological Sanitation, Decentralized Wastewater Treatment, Decentralized Energy Systems, Ecological Landscaping and Urban Agriculture.

Website: http://www.agpworkshops.com/summer-school


2. Eco-Productive Cities - Annual Auroville Green
Practices Conference

5th to 7th September 2013 at Auroville, India

‘Human habitats essentially are centers of waste generation. Eco-productive townships work with closed-loop systems utilizing waste outputs as raw material inputs for ecologically regenerative development.’

Some of the key environmental and social challenges are associated with our resource and waste management. Urban centers generate huge waste streams which when badly managed; contributes to environmental pollution and climate change. Utilizing these resources in an enlightened and efficient way has the potential to transform human habitats into ecologically productive land- and cityscapes.

We invite policy makers, municipal authorities, architects and landscapers, project developers, urban planners and engineers who have an interest in planning, designing and building eco-productive habitats. Several Auroville experts will join the workshops to stimulate discussion about experiences at Auroville. This is a limited-capacity event that asks for active participation of all attendees.


Shefali Mendon
Registration Coordinator
M: (+91) 994 391 8779


Auroville Consulting are organizing the third Auroville Green Practices Seminar 'Energy Positive Habitats'.
Energy Positive Habitats is scheduled
from 30 August to 1 September 2012.
The Energy Positive Habitats workshop will address the following topics: energy efficient building design, energy management and audits, decentralized energy systems and emerging energy policies.

Tantidhatri International Women's Performing Arts
11th-15th March 2012, Pondicherry & Auroville
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Beyond Boundaries
Bearing witness to spiritual and ecological experiments, projects and communities
Auroville, February 9 & 11, 2010


"ONE ASIA 2010"

Auroville Asia Cultural Month January-February 2010
Second week program


Spirituality Beyond Religions
International Congress
AUROVILLE, January 5-8th, 2010
SAWCHU - Building

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