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Our project is to constitute a performing arts apprenticeship.

The 4 aspects include:

Problem statement
● There is no integral performing arts school in Auroville with a dedicated polyphonic
pedagogic course. Requests from the youth was the initiative behind this project.
● However still young Aurovilians wishing to study or work in the field of the performing
arts most often have to leave Auroville to complete their studies and/or to be
surrounded in an environment that sustains the arts.
● Adolescents need self discovery experiences, confidence building activities, and to
focus their energy creatively

Aims and Objectives
● To create a team in charge of the necessary differents aspects
● To provide young Aurovilians with a place for live rehearsal and to perform in
professional conditions.
● To propose an apprenticeship in Performing Arts and auxiliary jobs to high school
students (14 to 20 years old) and "post" high school.
● To give artists the opportunity to transfer their skills and abilities.
● In fact we wish the performing arts school participates in further developing
an Auroville culture, spirit and language
● To study how to create educational maintenances for each department described
above and youth apprenticeship maintenances in order to perpetuate and
consolidate our vision .
● To create a study group to manifest the Performing Arts University.

What is happenning now
Since January 2012 we offer Future School students an introduction to performing arts,
2 hours per week , (7 students). This course lays a base for the performing arts.

For this new school year (July 2012) we continue the introduction class plus the new
course (for the students who have done the introduction) called Integral Performing Arts
course that proposes a complete program of 30 hours per week.

10 students have joined the introduction class for the first term and 6 students are
registered at the integral performing arts course.

Performing arts includes all that is related to being on stage as well as the backstage .
● Music, Theater, Dance, Singing, Writing, Body expression, Video/editing,
Photography, Radio, Graphics, etc...
● The technical aspects (sound, light, costumes, scenography, etc...)
● The administrative aspects (fundraising, organisation, communication)

So to sum up:
4 main departments :

2 sections :
● Introduction class to lay the base: 2 hours per week
● Integral PA course for those you have already followed the introduction:
anywhere from 10 to 30 hours per week

We have met and informed the School Board of our project in Nov. 2011.
For last year the classes have taken place at the Kalabhumi Music Studio.
Since september 2012 the classes take place at the Youth Center. We are currently writing
a project to ask for a place and a building for the school.


Research and educational “think tank”
Along with this introduction on the three areas, we have created a research and
educational “think tank” .
Current Research subjects
1/ A new system of evaluation in art education at Auroville.
2/ Creating cultural and art “jobs” for youth in Auroville.
3/ To enlarge enable and record Auroville’s unique cultural language and

The educational project

We don't want to form artists, musicians
nor thespians, nor video makers, nor dancers.
We don't want to make future artists experts,show professionals.
We propose an artistic education,
an Integral one aiming excellence,perfection, beauty, harmony, polyphony;
an education making the artist an universal being who has integrated all the aspects of life in his work.
The purpose is to facilitate the naissance of aurovilian artists, societal actors of our city.
Saddak artists trained to an integral expression,
Visionaries, conscious avant-garde of the ideal of our city.
Concentrated saddaks, permanently receptive to the influence of Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi, invoking
and convoking the God Mitra.
Regarding the number of students that we wish to form, we will have a selective and elitist approach.
A limited number of students per year will be our first rule of rigor, a krypto rule: SQUARE
SpecifiK School, Specifik Method, Specific Pedagogy, devoted to all the aspects of performing arts.
Therefore It is a matter of training NEO URBAINS POLYPHONIK PERFORMERS
An emergency, a necessity, an indispensable function for the evolution in consciousness of our city.

Cultural zone, or any suitable place for the learning process.


● the different movements since the last century
● discovery of the main artists and their oeuvre/work
● 'raison d'être' of an Artist and his ‘Dharma’ and status in society
● Art and integral yoga

● workshops
● organisation of shows/events
● making of films and books/magazines
● participation in the development of the school

Learning takes place through different kinds of workshops … organically.

Content of the IPAS first year
8 ateliers
cover/lyrics/rythmics/melodie/ composition/solo-duo/band/improvisation/performance
7 ateliers:
MAO/sound installation/sound sytem fitting/mixing/electronic sound creation/djeeing/light
7 ateliers
image/perception/composition/shooting/ direction/editing/publishing
Differents short movies are in preparation and will be watchable during the school shows
3 ateliers
to elaborate a program/ to present a radio show/ to interview
1 atelier
preparation of an Aurovilian drama to be played in april 2013
1 atelier
a weekly class to approach practically a show set up and to play in live conditions

Each trimester the students produce a live show, for example this year the first one
will take place in october and will be a musical show. “It’s Fun, Fair and square”

They regularly have some workshop trough live events as per example the last one
in september was to present a radio show during one hour with an audience. (radio
YC, september 14th)

2 cyber publications:
The students of the introductory class have contributed to the What’s Up Magazine for
the last 3 releases: N°7, N°8 and n°9. 

Video archives:
As the video is one of the workshop studied in this course we have filmed all the classes of
the introduction. A short movie of 15min is available on youtube, a 52 min documentary has
been made for an archive purpose and is only watchable by the students.

The video archive is also a mean to observe our own practice and reflect on our
educational contents.

Polyphony, Versatility and Service

n. pl. po·lyph·o·nies
Music with two or more independent melodic parts sounded together. The combination of a number of separate but harmonizing melodies
[from Greek poluphōnia diversity of tones, from poly- + phōnē speech, sound]

Polyphony means for us to explore all the ranges of one or several art areas. For example to be able to play rock but also classic music

versa·tili·ty Synonyms: versatile, all-around, many-sided, multifaceted, multifarious
These adjectives mean having many aspects, uses, or abilities: a versatile writer; an all-around athlete; a many-sided subject; a multifaceted undertaking; multifarious interests. Latin versatile, from versatus, past participle of versare, to turn


Versatility means for us to be able to use and practice all the tools and medias that enable the student to express himself and serve the common goal, music, video, theater, technic, etc...
As we train the students in working on all the aspects of life, Service means that they also are evaluated on their initiatives for the confort  and harmony of the group.

Square and circle

We are reflecting on a new sytem of evaluation based on this 3 above aspects with the notions of square and circle.
Square is all that is related to the rigor aspects as for example being on time, to do what one say, etc...
Circle concerns all the aspects related with creativity, imagination, etc...
We try to link and envisage this process trough the 12 qualities of the Mother.

“It is not through uniformity that you obtain unity.
It is not through uniformity of programmes and methods that you will obtain the unity of
Unity is obtained through a constant reference, silent or expressed, as the case demands, to
the central ideal, the central force or light, the purpose and the goal of our education.
The true, the supreme Unity expressed itself in diversity. It is mental logic that demands
sameness. In practice, each one must find and apply his own method, that which he
understands and feels. It is only in this way that education can be effective.”
- The Mother

Learning by experience
is learning from one’s environment in a direct and genuine relation to one’s action. Every
time that man interacts with the environment, in a search of adjustment to his needs, he
experiments new solutions that enrich his experience and allow him to meet the satisfaction
of his needs. In this learning process, the individual is the actor and in constant exchange
with his environment. He is in the action and in the reflection. The more this contact is
intense, the more the progress is made.

The advice and assistance of various artists, teachers, and experts in the field
Through their personal activity as artists, performers, designers, and art theorists, these
‘assistants’ will contribute to the enrichment of teaching and the inclusion of the educational
project in the artistic life.

“To be repeated each day by all the students:
It is not for our family, it is not to secure a good position, it is not to earn money, it is not to
obtain a diploma, that we study.
We study to learn, to know, to understand the world, and for the sake of the joy that it gives
- The Mother

Project Team, project holders
Wazo, Artistic director
Training and experiences: Performer
Currently involved in Auroville : Genius Inc., Forest work in Forecomers, filmmaker for
Botanical Garden
Teach in IPAS : Performing

Renu, pedagogic and administrative director 
Training and experiences: Performer polyphonic neo urbain
Currently involved in Auroville : cultural magazine Magzav, AVArtService,

Mukta, administrative and backstage director
Training and experiences: costumes, backstage
Currently involved in Auroville : Economics teacher in Future School

Henri, cathering Director
Training and experiences: Cook
Currently involved in Auroville : Cook

email: ipas.auroville@gmail.com

the link of our website:http://i-pas.blogspot.in/

facebook: ipas.auroville









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