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The perfection of the body, as great a perfection we can bring about by the means at our disposal, must be the ultimate aim of physical culture.From the book "Sri Aurobino and The Mother on Physical Education, "Perfection of the body", 23.3.1949

The new work of transformation

At this day and age the unity of mind and body is a widely recognised and accepted fact and the totality of life is universally emphasised. It has become commonplace to say that we have to live a healthy life and that, without health, we cannot achieve or retain anything accomplished. If we are to build bodies that are ready to become fitter instruments for the new work of transformation, health should not merely be defined as just the absence of disease or infirmity. It should be a powerful tool that gives us the ability to sustain adaptive effort ('adaptive' in the sense of a progressive overloading of the system) and use it to imply body power, vitality and ability to resist fatigue.

All levels of the being

It is now a known fact within the scientific community worldwide - and also in the world of coaching - that even if one wishes to develop only one aspect of any formation, one cannot ignore the whole. So it is with the body: it is like an orchestra, each part integrating and working in unison with the other parts. The Integral Yoga emphasises the need for integral development of all levels of the being. Our aim should be to develop our physical capacities and attributes to their perfection through a consciously chosen programme. The notion of perfection implies a harmonious and complete development. Just as we train the young mind through studies of various subjects (e.g. language, mathematics, arts, history, science etc.), so also the body needs development and training in a comprehensive, varied programme that covers all different parts of the physical being.

Comprehensive programme

Auroville's aim is the development of this comprehensive programme for physical education, providing activities which incorporate and develop movement, mobility, control, health, fitness, strength, stamina, challenge, and body skills.

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