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Art Youth Atelier

Art Youth Atelier is an open experiment in the realm of education, involving a fairly wide cross section of Auroville's youth who are interested in the arts in a practical way. As most are also involved in full time education, the AYA is seen as extra-curricular activity.

The field of art has been chosen by the youth because of its unlimited opportunities for expression, its unlimited creative possibilities, and the challenge it represents all the time. The majority of the group want to become professionals in their field (music, painting, video making, stage setting, photography, sound, glass work, etc, in fact anything and everything involving creativity). Meanwhile the youth wants to do - or learn to do - as much as possible by themselves. This doesn't mean that there will be no teachers; it simply means that when they realise they don't have the abilities needed to accomplish a particular aim, they call in teachers or specialists as contributors. These specialists have a well-defined mission - usually to give some classes on a particular subject within a well defined time, and then leave the youth to get on with it themselves.

For the moment, there is still no completed place of work (the building is under construction) and it is difficult for the group to realise all its ideals or extend its activities, but the energy and enthusiasm of the youth involved is nevertheless driving the project forward. 

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