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The Scholarship and Educational Fund


It has been clear for a long time that there has been a need for a scholarship fund to help Auroville youth seeking higher education opportunities within and outside of the community. In January 2009, such a fund was created, called the Scholarship and Educational Fund (SEF), operational under SAIIER, Auroville's educational umbrella organization.

Many Auroville youth do not have access to private funds and financial support, with a large number of parents living primarily on an Auroville maintenance which makes it impossible to pay external tuition fees and living expenses.

Funds released by SEF are given as interest-free loans, except in the case of student-specific support from a private donation. Students commit to repay loans after they have completed their studies and once they have established themselves financially. This will allow SEF to assist in funding itself in the long term, with ex-students understanding the importance of supporting other students who are now in a similar situation.

The fund also provides the students with guidance, discussing possible routes for their educational goals and arranging seminars for students with experts in career guidance.

The SEF has received funding from within Auroville, both private donors and commercial units and also from organizations outside of Auroville. Thus far SEF has helped over 18 students with their educational needs both within India and abroad. However, the fund is still running with a budget far from what is required and as there are no fixed annual donations the budget changes year on year.

If you would be interested in donating or offering your services with assistance or information regarding higher education please contact



The group

The fund is run by members of the community who come from various areas of work and

Top left to right: Jean-Michel, Lucas, Martina, Selvi

Bottom left to right:
Palani, Bobby, Suryagandhi, Satyen, Auralice


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