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The children were given coloured lenses and coloured sheets to play with and were asked to spend some time looking at different objects, both inside and outside the classroom in silence.

After some time, the class sat together and made some coloured drawings, using different shades of the same colour.



After experimenting with colours in some drawings, the children shared some of their different thoughts and feelings as well as some of the things they associated with the different colours. Together, the class made 2 colour poems:-


Blood red, earth red, rose red, apple red,
Bright Red Ribbons, flowing in our hair,
Walking to the temple,
Our sacred dress we wear.


Light blues, dark blues, different shades, different hues.
Deep blue sea, flowing, jumping, splashing, rippling.
Ink blue sky embracing the world, clouds playing hide and seek.
Blue bangles, jangling on the way to school.
Blue boxes, blue bags, blue chapels,
Flip-flopping, keeping feet nice and cool!


The children were asked to fill a shallow tray with some water. A piece of paper was propped up with chapels to create a screen and a mirror was placed in the water. The children were amazed with what they saw and these are some of their observations:-

1. If there is no sunlight, we can't see the colours.
2. Even when the mirror doesn't move, the colours are moving.
3. As the sunlight gets brighter, the colours also get brighter.
4. The rainbow is moving because the sun is moving.
5. The mirror has a blue frame; therefore the rainbow is a blue colour.
6. When the mirror is in the water, we can see the colours in the classroom.
7. When there is no mirror, we cannot see the colours.
8. When there is no water, we cannot see the colours.
9. The colours seem to be moving because of the movement [reflection] of the water.
10. The colours in the rainbow look like a flame.
11. When you look in the sky, it looks as if the colours are really far away, but here they are really close.

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