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Babu & Andre

New Creation

New Creation is a quite unique place in Auroville. It was founded amidst humble beginnings in 1983 by a French man who arrived in Auroville in 1973. Soon after, André and his Tamil wife Babu began New Creation School in 1978. The couple slowly expanded the capacity for education after recognising the still very squalid, often violent nature of the villages to which these children belonged.



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True education has to unfold and reveal what is already present in the children; they open themselves in joy just like flowers open themselves to the sun.

Dedicated to village children

New Creation participates in Auroville's unique and challenging experiment by prioritising the aspiration of those original inhabitants and their children who have lived on the piece of land which ultimately became Auroville. These first citizens of Auroville, the Tamil village population of about thirty thousand people, reside in pockets in and around Auroville.

Integral learning process

Although Auroville has many active village development projects, the community of New Creation is the only one which is wholly committed to the multi-level development of village children. By creating a congenial, non-authoritarian atmosphere in which these village children can open themselves to an integral learning process, the teachers of New Creation hope that, one day, the children will become better equipped to fight against both the visible and invisible limitations that exist in their lives and the lives of others in their immediate surroundings

Skills and employment programmes

As a community of Auroville, New Creation seeks the ideal of Human Unity by sharing with the present generation of village children the opportunities that have developed as a result of Auroville's growth. Some of today's 65 residents of New Creation are former students whose current livelihood is the result of educational skills and employment programmes offered to them in New Creation.

Tests for higher schooling

While New Creation hopes over time to expand its capacity for a boarding situation, the current emphasis is on the day-school, which includes a crèche and a kindergarten. A complex of detached and semi-detached classrooms serves the needs of students from grade one to seven. Class sizes range from eight to twenty students.

All pupils attaining level seven have the opportunity each March to take a test for entry, during the following school year, into the Gentilesse School, where they are able to study for standard 10, or into After School, where they can study for standards 10 and 12, giving them the possibility of entry into university.
The core subjects offered are English, Tamil, Science and Mathematics. In addition, classes include training in software applications, tailoring, handicrafts in wood and clay modeling, dance, drama and swimming.

Professional training programmes

New Creation's immediate goals for the future include the introduction of professional training programmes for electricians, carpenters, tailors and metal workers, because not all children who complete their education at New Creation School desire higher education. Many are eager to begin to learn how to earn their livelihood; for some it is an economic necessity.
It is to accommodate the needs of this sizeable group that New Creation wishes to develop an independent training programme, developed with the cooperation and participation of neighbouring schools, which will enable Tamil village children to secure a decent progressive and material future.

Free progress

In July 2000 a new crèche, called 'Free Progress' was started with 30 children aged 2 ½ to 3 ½. For these children no formal education is given before the age of 7 or 8, and daily activities are physical exercises, games, singing, drawing, playing, with time for rest and also outings to discover places. Languages spoken are French and Tamil in the first two years, after which other languages will be introduced.



Contact: andre@auroville.org.in


Aikiyam School

Formally New Creation Bilingual School, catering to more than 200 village children is also located in the New Creation compound.

Contact : assg@auroville.org.in


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