To know oneself and to control oneself 

Udavi School starts each day with a short period of prayer and meditation. This helps calm the   children physically and mentally before the day's teaching program starts, while also providing an opportunity for them to become aware of their inner self and develop powers of concentration.

*Reading, writing, languages, mathematics, science, arts & crafts, music, physical education, body awareness and social studies are taught for all-round development of the child. The complex consists of standards from 1st to 10th including a K. G. section. English is the medium of instruction for all the activities in general with Tamil as mother tongue. French (written & spoken) and Sanskrit (spoken) are being taught at Udavi to implement the four languages mentioned by The Mother. At Udavi school there is an awareness that children have many facets to their personality, and that in order to develop them all each child has to be given an appropriate range of opportunity. For example, the energetic and creative side of a child's personality can be developed by teaching music, painting, theatre, clay work, tailoring and carpentry. The mental side can be best dealt with by encouraging the children to think for themselves and develop their own intuitive nature by concentration. Wherever possible they are encouraged to discover new possibilities through their own effort, though the teachers are always there to guide and help them as and when required.

To develop the children's full potential they also have a strong and supple body. With this object in view, the school has introduced physical culture into the School activities. Children do athletics, yoga, and play games like volleyball, handball, football, cricket, basketball, badminton and table-tennis as part of the physical education program.

A group of 45 dedicated teachers and many other young volunteers offer their service at Udavi, giving their best towards a collective aspiration for realizing Sri Aurobindo & Mother's vision of education.

On the academic front, till now 6 groups of students have appeared for their public matriculation exams, and on each occasion there has been a 100% pass rate, with very good result, most of them in the first division. 

The children who have attended Udavi School till now have amply demonstrated that given a chance, they are capable of rising above the poor material circumstances of their background and local environment to turn in first class result in exams and other fields of endeavour.

For SAIIER, the School is a rich field of experimentation and research as its particular situation of working with children who are first generation learners, preparing for Board exam, and yet being nurtured to develop an all-rounded personality in the light of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo's guidance.


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Udavi Gentillesse School
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Tamil Nadu