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Auroville’s ongoing struggle with the sea

erosion of the sand beaches north of Pondicherry

Report 24 September 2013




Environmental work

Land & Nature

The web of life

Food for thought

Agriculture in Transition
- an Auroville view

A short history of farming in Auroville

AV G.R.E.E.N. Center

Integrated Green Practices

Sustainable living in Auroville
- a report

Auroville students give presentation on biodiversity in Canada

Global climate wake-up call

Auroville and Mobility
Observations and suggestions from a traffic planner (December 2009)




Auroville Village Action Trust

Auroville Water Harvest

Villages around Auroville

Socio-economic survey of Auroville employees

(download as pdf.zip)

Archive of the
Auroville tsunami work



Cyclone updates

Cyclone disaster in Auroville and Tamil Nadu

Info and updates





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'Securing the land' in the City section

Our home, this forest, with its thousand cries
And the whisper of the wind among the leaves
And through rifts in emerald scene, the evening sky,
God's canopy of blue sheltering our lives…
Sri Aurobindo, Savitri
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