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Special Earth Day 2010

Litter-free Auroville day

Our acronym stands for:
Auroville Green Resource and Environmental Education Networking Center.


We have a 3-fold focus:


1. Networking

To create a strong network of shared information, resources and collaboration between the various groups and initiatives in Auroville, the bio-region and globally who are currently working on environmental and sustainable initiatives.


2. Education

To increase awareness, understanding and involvement between green workers and the Auroville community on green work and farming in Auroville.

By "green work" we mean any and all work that has, as one of it's primary concerns, the well-being and the sustainability of the environment in which we live.

To create additional school programs to educate children about the current environmental issues and possible solutions... and to involve them in considering the effects of their actions on the environment. Also, to encourage them to participate in activities that will make a difference (eg: regular clean-up days, etc.)


photo by Giorgio

3. Action

To inspire, host and support actions to address the current environmental issues positively and effectively in Auroville and the bio-region.


photo by Giorgio


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