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On Saturday 7 th April Thamarai kids and volunteers had a day jam-packed with fun activities and exciting outings. The day began at 9:30am with some traditional meditation and silence. Voice and beats then filled Thamarai as Tiago taught and led tunes to everyone. We sung music from places all around the world including Africa, India and South America .



Everyone watched and clapped with delight as some of the boys also shared their Capoeira tricks, turns and kicks to the beat of the drum.




Over the course of the morning, everyone split into small groups to do creative activities in preparation for Earth Day. Celebrating the environment and living carbon neutral lifestyles is the focus for Earth Day.

At 2pm, seventy Thamarai children and seven volunteers piled onto the bus for an afternoon adventure. First stop was Pitchandikulam Forest . We went on a winding nature walk and occasionally stopped in silence to listen to the beautiful sounds of forest animals.



Geneve talked to the group about the importance of trees in keeping the air clean, the soil rich and for providing food and homes for the Earth's creatures. We visited the Pitchandikulam nursery and learnt about medicinal plants and how they can treat our health problems.

We had a bite to eat and a drink of juice, and then hopped back on the bus to make our way to the beach.



It was quite a squeeze getting everyone on the bus. On the way to the beach we sung some of the songs we'd learnt that morning and got ready to splash around in the waves. When we got to the beach, security took a little persuading to let us all in, but we made it onto the soft sand and let loose!



Everyone had a fantastic day!



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