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Earth Day!


At Thamarai we like to learn about the environment. We have visited some nearby forests and the beach. We love nature! We did many fun activities leading up to Earth Day which was on Saturday 21 st April.

All around the world people celebrate Earth Day. People express feelings and opinions about the problems and solutions of the environment. In Auroville people had art exhibitions, held discussions, wrote songs, showed movies, did performances, listened to guest speakers and had a big parade through the streets.


Thamarai put up a big display of all the work we have been doing in relation to the Earth. We learnt about why trees are so important and why rubbish is bad. Some of us even learnt about global warming.


We drew lots of nature pictures.



We had three art classes using a big collection of rubbish to help us. We have learnt that you can do lots of creative things with rubbish and that it's not all waste. With scissors, paints and glue, rubbish can be made into something beautiful!



We made mobiles to hang from the ceiling.


We collected the seeds from our excursion to Pitchandikulam Forest and made it into jewelery.



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