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Reflections on our first season


As we have closed for summer holidays, it is a time to reflect and review what Thamarai has accomplished during it's first season.
Since we opened on the 12 th November less than 6 months ago - it has been a time where many new initiatives have sprouted and we have been learning from experience about the people we are working with and what is functioning and what isn't. Sometimes it is still a bit chaotic but most of the time it has been deeply satisfying and a rich learning experience.


We have decided to share with you in 3 different parts some of the different aspects of what is developing at Thamarai. The first part will focus on the work we have been doing with the children. We have 3 short reports, which describe 3 different activities that have been happening with the kids. These reports have been prepared by one of our volunteers, Katie Kingshott.


Katie and Thamarai kidsComing from Tasmania, Australia, Katie joined us for a little over 1 month and has given generously of her time and positive energy to the kids and will be missed by us all.















Katie has been one of many incredible volunteers who are instrumental in co-creating the evolving space that is Thamarai. We take this opportunity to say Hi to you all and a heartfelt thanks! You have all been like rich fertilizer and we hold you in our hearts with gratitude.

In the coming weeks we will also prepare and upload 2 more reports one that is focused on the work that we have been doing with the women and another on the ways we have been developing and cultivating bridges between Auroville and Edayanchavady village through respective tours of each.



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