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Village Action News, a monthly newsletter


Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) is Auroville's village outreach wing. AVAG has been operating since l983, and was registered as a trust in 2000, and is managed by a team of five trustees working in collaboration with about 50 local people trained as social workers. It touches a population of about 70,000.
Village Action News are the report about the efforts of AVAG to bridge the gap between Auroville and the villages around it.


Read current issue (July 2005) (Pdf.zip file)

Past issues: as download files

Volume 2, n.3 June '05 The Gift of Peace
Volume 2, n.2 May '05 The March 13 gathering
Volume 2, n.1 April '05 Bhavana's letter
No. 11 September '03 A hope to go on...
No.10 July-August '03 We want to learn English
No.9 June-July '03 Creating Common Ground
No.8 May '03 P E P is about Happiness
No.7 May '03 Summer Camp for Village Kids
No.6 April '03 Religion-Caste No Bars
No.5 April '03 First Sports for the Villages Youth
No.4 March '03 Women - Strength in Numbers
No.3 January '03 Microproject Fund
No.2 December '02 AVAG meets with Panchayat Presidents
No.1 November '02 AVAG-PIMS Medical Camp


Contact: avag@auroville.org.in


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