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After a year of intensive work, Auroville's Botanical Gardens have been firmly established. The water system is in place, the fence secure, the indigenous forest area planted and growing well, a tree nursery established, and the four caretaker houses and storeroom built. We are now preparing for this season's programme of which the major work is the initial planting of the arboretum.


The arboretum will be a collection of trees from the tropical world. Local and exotic species will be planted over an area that will eventually cover at least 80 acres. They will be planted at a wide spacing, in large pits with a good amount of compost, so that each tree can grow to its full potential. The area will include landscaping features and small specialist gardens exhibiting the diversity of particular plant families.

Each tree will be clearly labeled with its scientific name so that visitors and researchers visiting the gardens can appreciate the wide diversity within the plant kingdom. It is a project that will stretch into the future and give joy and inspiration well into this coming century when most of the trees will be reaching their full maturity.

Adopt a plant or tree..

With this in mind we thought it would be nice if as many people as possible have the possibility to participate in the project. Due to the nature of the arboretum it is possible that each tree can be individually cared for, that is, people can adopt / sponsor an individual plant.

Amount: US $ 25 (or equivalent) per tree.

Sponsoring a tree implies contributing to the initial cost of planting, the cost of raising the seedling, and the maintenance of it, watering, mulching and feeding during the first couple of years. Whenever you visit the gardens you will be able to visit your tree and check on its progress. To those unable to visit we will provide an annual progress report on its growth, as well as on the general progress at the gardens.

Of course, additional funds are always needed for the further development of the gardens, and also larger contributions are most welcome.


Contact: nevi@auroville.org.in

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