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Education and Public Awareness

"The Spirit of Water" is an educational comic for children.


Exposure trip of farmers to a sister NGO's works in Madurai district


Public awareness and education compromise a large part of the activities Harvest's social team undertakes, as well, as education is the basis of societal change, all the teams of Harvest are partly involved in it. Village meetings, displays at the weekly market in the main villages, dramas, staff trainings for other NGO's, and exposure visits take place regularly.

Aruvaadai Thagam is an awareness street theatre program conceived and articulated by the Staff of Harvest. The program has been staged in around 20 villages, reaching directly about 10,000 spectators.

In the play Aruvadai Thaagam, the salt water and the contaminated water are thanking mankind's indulgence to let them develop, and have decided to kill nature and poison all life.

Its' educative but -not the least to say- entertaining message was aired on All India Radio, and telecasted twice on Doordarshan. It tells about all aspects of water: where it comes from, the importance of saving it, what happens if it is not saved, the diseases, and how the self-mobilization of villagers into a water user association can help them restore the desert into lush greenery.  

Harvest has another street theatre program addressing organic farming and the consequences of pesticide-use and over-irrigation. As well, another theatre program is planned around sanitation awareness.

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