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Recent activities

Water dynamics in the Auroville bioregion

World Water Day, March 22 2007 Salinity moderating
and proofing of coastal aquifers

Ground and Surface Water

Organic Farming
Tank Rehabilitation
Education and Public Awareness
International Seminar on Sustainable Water Management
Students and Volunteers




Water-dynamics in the Auroville bioregion (by Gilles Boulicot and Judith D’Souza) download (84kb)


Kazhuveli Basin : Linking basins to address water scarcity issues
download (1,21mb)


Detailed International Seminar on Sustainable Water Management, download (749 KB)


In September 2006, jointly with CSR, we hosted an International Seminar on Sustainable Water Management for the bioregion.
This seminar was not only endorsed by UNESCO under the HELP (Hydrology for Environment, Life and Policy) Basin Program but also supported by His Excellency, Dr. A.P.J. Abhdul Kalam, President of India.
As well, Harvest's area of operations, the Kaluvelly-Pondicherry coastal sedimentary basin, has been accepted as one of the new catchments of the UNESCO HELP Basin Program. Under this program, the basin is used as a pilot area to create a collaborative framework for integrated water management with a focus on studying the relatively unknown processes and dynamics of aquifer salinization in this basin and ways of remediation (for more information see the Ground and Surface Water page).

Support from His Excellency, The President of India

The President of India in Auroville

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the merger of Pondicherry with the Indian Union, the 1 st of November this year, His Excellency, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India passed by Auroville to hear about our investigations into the water issue's of our area and our plans to tackle them. Specifically, he wanted to hear about the research on seawater intrusion into the main aquifers done through one of Harvest's major collaborative programs.
The President, during his talk to the Pondicherry Parliament, gave full support to our work and emphasized the need to complete the work carried out so far.

In his own words:
I understand that in Auroville, a UNESCO endorsed International Seminar brought out the problem of seawater ingress into fresh water aquifers in Pondicherry and Tamilnadu. It is essential to formulate a 20-year Integrated Water Management Plan based on further detailed studies, and then implement the Plan, in an integrated manner.

With recent collaborations among stakeholders in the area, the acceptance of our basin into the UNESCO HELP Basin Project, and the strong support of the President, the shared vision for an Integrated Water Management Plan is well on its way.

Harvest's Area of Operations

The main area of operations, the Kaluvelly-Pondicherry coastal sedimentary basin, ranges from the city of Villupuram west of Pondicherry to the Coromandel coast and from the city of Cuddalore south of Pondicherry to the outlet of Kaluvelly wet land, a brackish water body of 72 square kilometers near the village of Marakannam north of Pondicherry . This area includes more than 35 village Panchayats.
As called to, Harvest also engages in projects throughout India.

Harvest's Human Resources

To the extent possible, the actions undertaken by Harvest are collaborative endeavors with the people, the civil society and public departments. Ad-hoc experts, volunteers and students compliment Harvest's permanent human resources.

Ran by a multidisciplinary staff of 35, Harvest is sub-divided into six teams:

  1. Administrative Team
  2. Tank Rehabilitation / Engineering Team
  3. Water Resources (groundwater, surface water) Team
  4. Survey Team GPS
  5. Social / Agriculture Team
  6. GIS / Data Management Team

Harvest's Activities

  • Harvest is involved in a wide array of activities pertaining to integrated water management with a base always in scientific investigation. These activities include: Sustainable Socio-economic Development: Consultancy to industries; ecological farming extension and training programs; environmental awareness and education; aquaculture; and sanitation and wastewater management promotion.
  • Water Resources Development: Rehabilitation of surface water bodies; artificial groundwater recharge; and water conservation works.
  • Groundwater & Surface water Studies: Surveying, analyzing, and researching groundwater and salinity levels; assessing pollution risk; time evolution and impact assessment; and land use evaluation.

To Contact Us

Harvest Centre for Water Resources Management Naidu House, Kottakarai,
Auroville - 605101
Tamil Nadu
Telephone: +91 (0) 413-262-2333
Fax: +91 (0) 413-262-2690
E-mail: harvest@auroville.org.in


To Get There:

Coming from the Auroville Visitor's Centre, take the nearby tar road right towards Kottakarai village. At the first Y intersection where you will see two overhead water tanks, take a steep turn left towards Irumbai Village . Harvest is 300 m away; it is the 2-storied traditional white house on the right hand side, a little ways away from the roadside (on the left side opposite Harvest you will see a tiny Ganesh Temple under the shade of a large banyan tree).
Coming from Pondicherry , either take the coast road, and once in Auroville follow the above; or take the Jipmer-Tindivanam Road . Once in the Town of Kootroad , take a turn right towards Irumbai Village . After passing Irumbai Village , the road is bordered by coconut trees. At their end, Harvest will be the first house on the left hand side. There is a direct and regular bus service stopping in front of Harvest commuting to and from Pondicherry from 6 am to 9 pm. The bus stop precedes Kottakarai Village, and is called "Society, Harvest".


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