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Educational materials specially prepared for the bioregion


Bioregional outreach

Seminars and workshops for the people of the bioregion

  • Documentation of Bio resources with the village communities

  • Facilitating Traditional Healers to pass on their knowledge to others through meetings and visits to remnant forest areas.

  • Conserving and regenerating of sacred groves in collaboration with local communities

  • Involving village school children in plant surveys, mapping, seed collections, exhibitions and classes.

  • Painting murals on village school buildings depicting bio resource maps and information about local medicinal plants.

  • Planting of village herbal gardens with women and children and the reintroduction of TDEF species to remnant forests, sacred groves, village tank bunds and Auroville sanctuaries

  • Trainings to women's groups, school children, teachers, youth clubs, other NGO's and government departments in all aspects of Eco restoration work with an emphasis on the Revitalizing of Local Health Traditions.

  • Classes in the preparation of herbal remedies to cure common ailments using plant material from the Pitchandikulam nurseries and gardens.

Environmental awareness programs for the bioregion



HomeEnvironment & BioregionEnvironmental work > Pitchandikulam > Bioregional outreach

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