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Solid waste management (SWM)

- based on an update given in the AVNews, April 2002

This is to update all Aurovilians on the latest developments in the Auroville Eco-Service:

AV's Eco-Service: ready for a daily door-to-door collection of all solid waste from 300 householders in Kuilapalayam / Laxmipuram village in AV's direct bioregion


  1. In response to the suggestions made last year by two visiting SWM (solid waste management) consultants from Australia, an Auroville SWM group was formed comprising various Aurovilians active in the field. From January 2002 onwards Pratul joined as a coordinator of the activities; his office is at CSR.

  2. During January 2002 Pratul visited many Auroville communities and assessed the ongoing waste collection service. Barrels for storage were purchased; advice was given as regards separation of organic and compostible waste, separate disposal of items of personal hygiene, separation of 'sharps' etc. Some improvements were made as regards regularity of collection service and standardisation of size of the waste bags.

  3. In February, the waste storage facility near the Verite settlement was cleaned, residual waste for landfilling was baled and taken away, and a new order for sorting and storing was installed in the storage facility. Gate, locks etc. are getting repaired and upgraded.
    The residual waste was landfilled at the site near Cheese Farm, and the waste was covered with soil. This landfill will serve Auroville for another few months only.

  4. An Auroville plot of land was identified for the creation of a new landfill with a capacity for several years. This plot is unutilised wasteland located between AuroAnnam Farm and Banyan Nursery. The next step will be the drafting of a project proposal (for fundraising) for the infrastructure of this landfill site, and for other improvements in the general infrastructure, equipment and services of AV SWM.

  5. In March improvements of the waste storage shed near Cheese Farm have been made and are ongoing. Unfortunately, some steps of improvement at the landfill have already been un-done, due to lack of understanding and information to known and unknown users. Please pass on your observations and collaborate.

  6. On Saturday 13th April, in conjunction with the inauguration of the Kuilapalayam Cultural Centre, the Kuilapalayam / Laxmipuram / Auroville Solid Waste Management Program was launched. Funding for this venture has very kindly come from our local State Bank of India. This programme is an extension of the Auroville Eco-Service. The programme will do a door-to-door collection of all solid waste each day from 300 householders in Kuilapalayam / Laxmipuram. After one month free trial of the service there will be charge of Rs. 10 a month.
    Free dustbins, a red one for organic waste and a green one for everything else, are given to the householders after they have seen a slide show explaining why we are offering this service and how the waste will be handled afterwards, showing the recycling and composting techniques that will be used.

  7. The SWM Group has taken over a service with a sustainable budget as regards bare running expenses, but with investment debts. Funds for further improvement are urgently required, and your donations to our acc. 0520 are most welcome. Constructive feedback is also welcome, and your collaboration is appreciated.


for SWM Group / Eco-Service

contact: ecoservice@auroville.org.in

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