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Birds in Auroville

Indian Great
Horned Owl
More owls

Butterfly garden

Starred Tortoise

Korean version

Auroville's ecosystem

Auroville is much more than an experiment in human unity, a place for research into sustainable living, and a universal township in the making. It's a highly complex web of life, involving not just the humans from many nations, cultures and backgrounds who live here and participate in its growth and development, but all the species of the plant and animal kingdoms - from the giant banyan trees down to the micro-organisms of the soil, air and water - that make up the eco-systems and share the biosphere. All are inter-related, all ultimately dependent on each other, all sustaining each other as they move forward and evolve towards the next stage in terrestrial evolution, together..

Millions of years

Some of the elements of this complex mix of life-forms have been here for millions of years. Others, like the local villagers and their livestock, for perhaps millennia. Yet others are more recent arrivals, specially the humans comprising today's mix of Aurovilians, as also the various species of animals, birds, insects, trees and plants which have taken up residence since Auroville began, the latter in some cases returning after a long interval, others apparently coming for the first time, never seen before in this area in living memory.

Future species

This is Auroville today, but we should not forget the many species also yet to come, from the vast resources of nature, representatives of a future Planet Earth wherein all life forms will live in harmony and unity, consciously or unconsciously dependent on and supportive of each other; species that Auroville wants to create a sanctuary for, to draw here, and to encourage as part of its future bio-diversity.

In the following pages we hope to give you some glimpses into today's multiplicity of Auroville-based life-forms, beyond the human element. We hope you will enjoy the insights given, and share with us our love for and appreciation of the wondrous mix around us, the ever expanding mosaic and web of life in which we are involved here as participants in the Auroville adventure.

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