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- a series of articles by Tim on the natural world around us, all relevant to life - or dealing with specific life forms - in Auroville.

Wonders of plant and animal world

Since the age of 14, when Tim was first introduced to the wonders of the plant and animal world around him by an inspiring master at school, he has loved all nature and its multifarious life forms with an undying fascination. When he came to live in Auroville in 1977, after living for decades in London, this love of nature got re-fired, and he found himself marvelling at the rich bio-diversity which surrounds us here.

Life-forms and goings-on in nature related to Auroville

In 1983 Tim joined Aurelec, and a few years later helped start its in-house journal. It was as co-editor of that publication that he decided to try and instill a similar interest in wildlife in his fellow staff, by way of a series of articles on the life-forms and goings-on in nature which surrounded them, specially those directly related to Auroville. Not all the topics he wrote about in those days were of prima facie interest (not many people, for example, think snakes, scorpions, ticks and termites merit reading about!), but he tried to make them so. "Love'em or hate'em," says Tim, "such creatures live lives as diverse and fascinating as our own..!"

Although Tim makes it clear that he is not specially knowledgeable himself, certainly not an expert on anything he writes here about, through extensive book research he managed to piece together enough on each topic to put out quite a few interesting articles which we hope to share with you in months to come.



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