"Interpreting Tagore" dance

Astad Deboo is an Indian contemporary and choreographer,
who employs his training in Indian classical dance forms of Kathak as well as Kathakali
to create a dance form that is unique to him, and become a pioneer of modern dance in India.
Astad Deboo works with the young boys of the Salaam Baalak Trust.

Interpreting Tagore also features music by Japanese composer Yoichiro Yoshikawa,
Frederico Senesi, Alio Die, Bill Laswell, Kodo Drummers, Mari Boine, Jan Garbarek and Liro Rantala.

This performance took place on Thursday the 20th of Feb. 8pm,
at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas, in Auroville.