SAMPRADAYAM / Krishna Bhajans
Mallika Sarabhai performs in Auroville on March 18, 2010

Sampradayam is a salute in Bharata Natyam by choreographer Mallika Sarabhai.
Bhajans have always been a mainstay of devotional music in Hinduism and the rousing passion of voices
accompanied by nothing but cymbals has made centuries of minds soar.
Over the last couple of decades however bhajans have been influenced by other music traditions
like Bollywood and gazals, light classical music and western instruments.
In a move to counter this and find the real community flavour of bhajans,
there is a new revival of the music without heavy instrumentation, in southern India.
The bhajans last all night and the songs move from one deity to the next and so on.
These excerpts are from a performance in Auroville, March 18, 2010.