Priscilla and Jurriaan jazz duo

On February 8, 2013, in Auroville's Unity Pavilion, Priscilla brings an unforgettable performance,
singing some of her favourite jazz classics from artists such as
Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London, Sarah Vaughn amongst others.
Now collaborating with visiting talented pianist Jurriaan Prakke, the duo are guaranteed to create a wonderfully
warm atmosphere of elegance and soul. The energy and style of this performance brings arrangements
from some beautiful old classic Jazz/ soul
Latin styles, into an accessible contemporary setting. She collaborates with various talented musicians
in Auroville within various styles, working with such musicians as Suryan and Yemadas.
She has been part of the Jazz scene in London since putting together her Jazz band in early 2011.
She has been performing in the UK and internationally ever since.