Baul Aborigenes energy dance

The final part of the acclaimed performance by Wantok Sing Sing group and Baul musician Laxmandas Baul,
with enthusiastic participation of the audience..
Sing Sing, from Papua-New Guinea, Australia, Fiji and Oceania, is a musical gathering where tribes and villages
share their dance and songs.
Sing Sing extends that idea over the whole of the Pacific, in a visionary spectacle that has electrified audiences worldwide,
with its pulverizing log drum orchestras, uplifting choral singing and haunting solo voices featuring many of the
Pacific's finest singers, musicians and dancers.
During the Wantok SIng Sing tour of India, Airileke(PNG),Pius Wasi(PNG),Djakapurra Munyarryun(Arnhem Land),
Albert David (Torres Straits),Will Hatch(Fiji) David Bridie(Melbourne), in Auroville, have met Sufi Baul music: this is the result.